Latest News! 16th July, 2020 – Mountain Passes South Africa

   In this week’s latest news we feature Andrew Bain’s 1853 masterpiece between Wellington and Worcester, but perhaps a little more controversially we take a peek at the biker subculture of adding stickers and graffiti to road signs. Inevitably there are those who say its part of biker culture, but we’re trying to initiate a change of mindset amongst the bikers and a number of interesting concepts have cropped up, which we will look into. If you want to chip in and add your 2c worth, head off to our Facebook page and scroll back until you see the sticker plastered signboard at Gamkaskloof,

The analogy is how would you like it if we popped a sticker onto your bike’s tank whilst you were having a meal? Not so cool at all when the shoe is on the other foot. We are currently (at our own cost) refurbishing 54 mountain pass summit signs and the vast majority of stickers have been added by bikers. We are trying to come up with innovative ideas – like adding a sacrificial sign board lower down for anyone to add stickers (even that will cost a considerable amount of money) or developing a culture of rather putting the stickers on the back of the sign or even better, not add it at all.

Here is the link: It’s a 30 minute read & watch