BMW Motorrad Club Central Safe Riding Tips


BMW Motorrad Club Central Safety Workshop 10th March 2020

Method – each table was given a topic to discuss.  There was a lot of discussion & each group presented their findings.  From the info that was presented & the notes that were handed in it is clear that the group is in agreement on many of the points including:

  • Riding in a Staggered Formation.
  • Leap-frogging.
  • Looking out for the rider behind.

The points below agree with our Rules of Riding:

General Rules:

  • Follow the rules of the road.
  • Try stay in front of traffic not to be bogged down.
  • ESR application was suggested as a method for sharing routes.
  • No alcohol while part of the group riding – be responsible and consider the group.

Petrol Station Rules:

  • Switch Off.
  • Put Stand Out.
  • Get Off.
  • Fill up at the end of the day to not delay group departure.
  • Pillion to sort out refreshments.

Etiquette for Riding in a group:

  • Fill up before the scheduled time to leave from a point.
  • Do Not pass on the left.
  • Ride in a loose Staggered Formation – leader may deviate, second keeps the place.
  • Slow down if necessary to keep the rider behind in view.
  • If you don’t see the bike behind you, STOP.
  • Acknowledge the light belonging to the bike behind you (take notice of what the rider behind you is riding, his lights, his helmet etc).
  • Acknowledge / point out potential dangers if safe to do so.
  • Group size will be based on group experience.
  • Wait until everyone is ready & kitted before riding off.
  • New riders will be engaged with according to experience and merit – the Ride Leader will discuss the staggered formation etc.

Dust Discipline:

  • Keep a good following distance to avoid a dust cloud – use “dust distance”.
  • Do not ride the dirt alone.
  • Do not outride your ability.
  • Gear is King. All the Gear All the Time (ATGAT).
  • Take note of the direction the wind is coming from, so you do not create a dust cloud that covers the entire road.
  • If in group – don’t pass and cover rider in dust unless “assigned” to take up a place. Try to avoid the need.

Before the start – Ride Leader Briefing:

  • Communicate with the group.
  • If there are two groups be aware of the Tail End Charlie (TEC) in the group in front.
  • Memorize ‘signature’ / lights etc of the rider behind you.
  • Do a practice stop to see how the group reacts.
  • At intersections make sure you have a marshal.


Pre-Ride Briefing – what to expect:

  • Intro to the Ride Leader & TEC.
  • Discussion of the Routes.
  • Protocols & way points.
  • Riding formation & also an explanation of the formation.
  • Route discipline & responsibility for the person behind.
  • To sign the indemnity form.
  • Confirm ride leader and TEC phone number.

This is a living document & as such there is some work in progress that will remain as a point of discussion on our Noggins agenda as we move forward.