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I keep having hassles with my Zumo. Everytime I want to use it for something important it freezes, or just doesn't want to switch on. Once it stops there is no way to turn it back on. It's back with Garmin again who now say it's something to do with Tracks4Africa. Yet, my Nuvi works like a treat with the exact same programs. Anyone else had Zumo troubles?
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Try taking out the battery for a few minutes. If this does not reset things, Avnic Trading are not far from you....Capricorn Park 021-7889015
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The Zumo in my experience is an unmitigated piece of junk! I'm on my 4th Zumo and 6th cradle all in the space of 18 months. The last replacement I unpacked the day before I left for the Buff and it stopped working the next day. Its replacement is still in the box. I'm worn out setting them up. Avnic just replace faulty ones en mass. So once the warranty runs out its the bin! They blame everything on T4A for obvious reasons. Seems I'm not the only one!! http://www.wilddog.za.net/forum/index.php?topic=33563.0
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Ratrap, RE Your Wild Dog thread - what he did was pathetic and immature. Weeks later he tried to sell the cradle! Very Old news …almost as bad as his current thread!! Of the 6 guys riding in our group all with 500 or 550 Zumo’s ,not a single problem in 3 years.

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There were similar complaints earlier this year where new Garmin Map software caused problems with the Zumo but on my Garmin units (I have 3, 2 marine and a handheld) there was no hint of the same problem. ''If you can dream it you can do it!''

If you can dream it you can do it!

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I have a Zumo 550... Only once had an issue with software update that Pete mention... routes got all mangled... I also had the odd problem with the cradle not charging the GPS ( i now know what the problem is)... My tips: * NEVER CLEAN THE CRADLE! It doesn't like water being sprayed into it :-) Only cleaning i do every month or so it so wipe the cradle pins with an alcohol wipe. * Never clean the ZUMO (Only wipe the screen) Zumo is a great GPS for motorcycles! PS. I'm still on my original Zumo GPS and cradle ;-) Regards, Corné

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