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The pont crossing over the Breede river at Malgas is a ticking bomb and the fuse has been lit.

It is the only manually drawn pont crossing and one of only a few pont crossings left operational in South Africa. (Ocha Ferry at Sendelingsdrif over the Orange River, Kei river in the Eastern Cape)

The reality is the income generated is way below the costs of operating.

The deck is worn and requires a refit. Will it ever be done????

Has been operating below cost for several years and with the need to save money the local municipality has been fighting this reality for a while now,

But reality is reality.

But is it losing money because (apparently according to the cash slips not issued) no one uses it - because YOU DO NOT INSIST UPON A CASH SLIP!!

Far too often, people, even those in my party do not ask for a slip and their sentiment is to help the poor pont operator earn a buck.


His reality is there are two shifts of three pont operators employed by the council, and each gets paid the living wage.

They are not destitute because of not getting paid properly.

Each slip you do not demand is a nail in the coffin of the pont.

So, do not cry when you arrive one day and find it is not operating.

Those slips Mean the money does go to the right authority and this is what determines the fate of the pont.

to keep it running or to privatise and walk away.

If it gets put pout to tender..... then you can imagine the pont fee from a private operator.

If it gets closed- its our fault.

Please demand your slip when you cross the Breede river by pont at Malgas.

Anyone can ride a bike fast....   But can you ride your bike real slow???

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Thanks Andy.

I am guilty.

That said, I have used the pont many, many times, I have shared the pont with many other people, plenty who were traveling with me and many that were not, I cant say I have ever seen anyone ever asking for a slip.

But now we know how it works, we will be sure to ask in the future. I really did think the money was just shared out between the guys operating the pont and that was their income. Never realized they are getting paid a salary.

I wonder just how much gets allocated daily to extra pocket money.





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See this




Anyone can ride a bike fast....   But can you ride your bike real slow???

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...maybe we (Flying Brick) could sponsor another identically-sized board ONLY for stickers, (using the existing poles where the 'insist on a receipt board is currently being obscured by stickers) 

...and then the original board could be cleared of stickers, at least giving people a CHANCE to read the 'insist on a receipt' board?

A win-win, of sorts.

Just a thought

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This is also applicable on city parking. Demand your receipt from the parking "official" or your parking fee will be the tip. I am not referring to the unofficial car guards with their bibs bought everywhere. These parking officials are being paid for their work. If you want, give a tip over and above your parking fee.


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For that feel good, rather donate money to a credible non government organization that YOU know has proper governance and will use your money wisely.
Almost anything else is throwing good money after bad and exacerbating a social problem somewhat.


Anyone can ride a bike fast....   But can you ride your bike real slow???

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I crossed on the Pont on the 26th Dec.

They didn’t even attempt to offer me a slip.

I wouldn’t have thought anything of it had I not read this post.

when I asked for one, it sparked a lot of mumbled conversation and a few minutes later I was reluctantly given one.

They must be skimming a lot of money, the Council must have a rough idea on how many vehicles use the pont.

They are as much to blame as the guys working it.




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