Xmas in November

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As the year ends every one starts to plan a year end function.  As normal human beings our group also decided on one.  Thanks to Jill for taking the initiative of arranging it.

So the coin falls on Lamberts Bay.

On Saturday 10 November 2018, 7 bikes and 1 pillion left at 9 from the Winelands Engen via Klipheuwel through Malmesbury to Piketberg for refueling and to have something to eat at the spur.

From there we went through to Lamberts Bay, we took the Tar option to accommodate every one and by the way our last off-road gravel ride is waiting.  We reached the hotel at about 2pm and just had a relaxed afternoon. 

As we start to unpacked I asked Paul why “de hel” did he needs all his panniers and a topbox while he is man alone!  No girl you don’t understand, the panniers are for Tania’s wine and water bottles, maybe she thought we are going to a Dessert lol

We had a quick few drinks and jokes at the bar before some went for a horizontal rest! While the rest of us sit and chat with refreshments at the “economy class” as Paul called his room and he got a view to the green swimming pool, by the way that economy class room had a sitting room with a bar fridge.

"A Boer maak a plan if your room don't have a fridge"

The rooms were nice and clean as always!

Dinner was arranged at the Muisbosskerm with a Xmas theme; everyone was asked to take part in the dress code and was it fun.  The Taxi picked us up at 6 bells and took us on a scenic route through the “3 Passes Rally” at the Lamberts Bay Caravan Park opposite Muisbosskerm.  The rally consisted of 5 Motor vehicles and 20 bikes, a few tents. As all “stadsjapies” do when they see sand and water is to go down. Some of us took of the shoes (maybe we need some TLC to the feet).



The tables were set in full Xmas style from trees to lights.  The food was out of the world as always.  Some tried the Oesters, while Jill and Marinda enjoyed the bokkoms and I took a piece but seriously didn’t enjoy it at all.

What a relaxing and fun-filled weekend it was.  Please walk with us through the photos and enjoy it as much as we did.


After we went back it was time for the rugby at the economic class room.  Gary takes the bed to watch the rugby and he did not even make the rugby, he was snoring in dreamland.  Marinda was locked in her room because she doesn’t watch rugby.  At the end it was Paul and I that went to bed at 1 the next morning.

Sunday morning Tania went to wake up Paul for breakfast and off we go, to come back to our own economic housing.



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Joined: 2017/06/27

Nice report Magz

Joined: 2015/06/15

Thank you  it was an awesome time away! 

Committee: Treasurer/ Ride Captain

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Joined: 2012/02/26

Jollie patrollie! Dit lyk sommer of almal hulself terdeë geniet het - truly making life a ride and of course memories...........

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