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Good morning all

Some of you might have already heard about the fire that partially destroyed the village of Wuppertal destroying half of the historical village including the parsonage, shops and 53 homes. The newly built community center and school hostel were also leveled in the blaze.

Seeing as our BMW adventure community rides through Wuppertal on a regular basis during a year, I thought it necessary to suggest a support ride to the village to drop off donations.  If anybody would like to join, I will be riding from Cape Town on Saturday 12 January 2019 past Clanwilliam into Wuppertal, then stay over at Cederberg Oasis for the evening, then head back on the Sunday.  The plan is to reach Wuppertal fairly early, to drop off donations and then proceed further.

The official NPO handling donations can be found here:


Send me a PM if you would like to join in.

Kind regards


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Very good thought indeed. I will be going there on the 9 Feb and hand over my donation. Will be sleeping over at Oasis on Friday (8th), leave Sat and go via Padstal, Tented camp, Uitspankraal and then Wuppertal from where we will return via Eselbank back to Oasis to sleep Sat night

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thanks for valuable feedback: Rinette and I have already put some items together, and will deliver it to either Gardens or Sea Point Stor-Age before Thursday, so thanks for giving us locations, as well as what they really need - appreciated!

Chris & Rinette

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Thank you Theo for your initiative.  I am sure it will be well supported. Blessings.

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