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Flying Brick Motorcycle Accessories now direct importers/distributors of Wunderlich BMW accessories:

With effect from 01st June 2018, Flying Brick Motorcycle Accessories have been appointed approved, direct importers - into South Africa - of the Wunderlich range of accessories, primarily for the Dual-Sport/ Adventure bikes, and we will also import product - on request – products for the Sport and Commuter end of the spectrum, too!

To date we have completed import of 3 orders direct from Wunderlich GmbH Germany, so we have a good indication of the approximate time taken to import a specific part that may not form part of our regular ‘stock’.

Wunderlich GmbH has been developing and producing high-quality accessories for BMW motorcycles for over 30 years.

Their products make riding your motorbike more comfortable, more ergonomic and safer. Today, their range comprises more than 3,600 items for all current models, for models from the last two decades and the historic BMW models from the twin-valve era.

Their product development means they are in tune with the times and both their success as well as our customers confirm this.

They’re happy and proud to see themselves today as the worldwide no. 1 for high-quality.

They couldn't’t have done it if one very special thing hadn't’t driven them from the start:

Their passion for motorcycles and motorcycling! They are enthusiastic about what they do, and we think you, our customers, can feel it.

So if you are considering a Wunderlich part for your BMW bike, give the Team at Flying Brick a call, and we will quote you - pronto!

Chris & the Team
021 510 6455

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Congratulations Chris.

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thanks, Geoff, appreciated! yes

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example: price now REDUCED on the ever-popular Wunderlich handlebar bags, down from R1650 to R1395, a saving of R255, they were last priced at this lower price 2 years or more back, so by cutting out the middleman, we can pass on significant savings!


Chris & Team


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