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Hi All.

We , as seniors in life,have so much knowledge of thousands of wise words/sayings by many wise and intellectual people. Even from you own family, like fathers, oupas grand parents and other intellectual people worldwide. Including yourselves.

I would like yo pin down some of these sayings/ phrases which you guys know off and to combine it in a little booklet/ pamphlet to be distributed.

The idea is that it should be an useful document for everyone and even for youngsters to take at heart wherever thy find themselves as a useful tool in their lives.

I am just thinking of uncle Cheese's wise words. "think before you ink" 

There are so many more on the forum but wil you all please post it to my private mailbox as I do not want to flood this forum with our crap on this forum. 

If possible, when you post something to me please try to also mention the author.

Your inputs will be appreciated to "jbotha2110@gmail.com.

Regards. Jacques

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Jacques, I find the forum great for this kind of thing because people's  posts fire thoughts and contributions in others.  Brainstorming together always gets better results than combining individual efforts.

Here's some contributions I learned from my dad:

  1. An engine needs 3 things to run:
    1. Air,
    2. Fuel, and a
    3. Spark.
    • Find and fix the missing elements and it will run.
  2. There are no complicated problems, only a series of simple ones.
  3. When debugging a system, start in the middle and find out which half the problem is in.

Here's some from me:

  1. Always get off your bike when refuelling (in case the fuel or bike catches alight, and so that you can give the bike a visual safety check).
  2. Always stand when doing a water crossing (so that if you fall you don't get trapped under the bike under water).
  3. Bikes cannot stop faster than cars, so keep a safe following distance at all times.
  4. It is safer to lane-split than be a lame duck in the traffic.

Committee: Webmaster / Ride Captain

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You only live once, but if you do it right, that's all you need.

It's better to regret the things you did do than regret the things you didn't do.

Live each day as if it were the last day because one day it will be.

Craig A Milne

US Embassy, Basrah, Iraq

You only live once, but if you do it right

That's all you need

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Thanks thus far. Received a few at home as well. But, if it isn't a problem for other people on the forum and the webmaster will allow, please feel free to post here for everybody to see/use as they wish. I have often found very good advise on this forum in that way.


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Sincerity and truth are the basis of every virtue. I think this is Confucius.

Think before you ink.

Trust is the most valuable asset.

I have the rest of my life to get old.

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Van my oorlede skoonpa, Vorster Hough:

Moet nooit dat jou goedgeit vir jou lag nie.

Work hard; play hard; never play when you work!

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To be old & wise ,,,, you first have to be young & stupid !!!

If it wasnt for bad luck, i would have no luck at all.

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Evening Jacques

Advice i always give to youngsters and folks new to motorcycling is as follows:-

I refer to it as KLK:-

1) Know your bike i.e. Get to know your bike in the sense of acceleration, braking, handling etc etc. spend a day or two getting the feel of your new machine. I have always done this over the last 35years of motorcycling whenever i bought myself a new machine.

2) Let road conditions dictate i.e. High speed between traffic at peak hour on the highway i personally regard as total idiocy, put trust/faith in a sign that shows potholes and adjust speed accordingly.  

3) Know the road e.g. many years ago stood next to 2 brand new bikes that were virtually wrecked beyond recognition. Reason the 2 youngsters decided they were going to race. Eye witness said bikes were well over the 200km/h when they topped a blind rise followed immediately by a 90 degree turn. Both killed instantly. What a uneccessary waste of human life.

All the above has served me well in motorcycling on the road and the track.

Something i always carry over to the "superbike" youngsters, The "clever" ones are on the track.

Just to add to the above when i got my eldest daughter involved in sky-diving(now a very accomplished sky-diver) i always told her to remember PAC which stands for (Don't)Panic, Assess and Control.

To a certain degree i think PAC would and could apply to motor-cycling e.g. Motor-cyclist becoming target fixated when faced with an obstacle and due to panic does not look past the obstruction. Going hard into a bend panics and clamps front brake etc etc.

Certainly hope KLK would be of interest for your article.

"I dont fear the dark, it's what lays in the dark that i fear" (author unknown)

Best Regards


N.B. Look forward to the envisaged booklet/pamphlet.


In GOD we TRUST all others we POLYGRAPH !!

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Here is another by the wise Chinese,

To be uncertain is to be uncomfortable, but, to be certain is ridiculous. 

Think before you ink.

Trust is the most valuable asset.

I have the rest of my life to get old.

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