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The club had R400 000 go into and out of the club account in the last fiscal year in transaction for club activities .

If every payment was made with the simple request of NAME + EVENT, I would not be writing this post and we would not lose treasurers due to extreme frustration.

We would also have more events and more training.

But because 25% of the good people pay for an event  or for multiple events without  doing this simple transaction request, both the treasurer and the event organiser  run out of fun and steam long before the actual event.

To put it in perspective:-


Current payments are called for and coming in for:

  1. Clarens BMW MOTORRAD Days
  2. Sutherland winter ride
  3. Level I & II off road training
  4. FBOS training
  5. Marshal training
  6. non member Greyton off tar day ride (paid up club members no charge)

When payment is made by someone for more than one event and not mentioned in the payment advice or by messaging of some sort, then recon by our treasurer is a major headache


Payments stats for the FBOS workshop

30 booked

25 paid promptly, Thank you,.... amongst which were the problem children...

2 persons booked Name + reference of a previous payment and thus confusing this payment!!

2 persons had no reference at all

1 person had no name, no reference, just a payment and no way of knowing who paid!!

5 persons had to be followed up by text and phone calls.

a total of 25 phone calls just to put the recon to bed of who had paid for this event.

Much thanks to the people who made a booking and paid using their correct name and correct reference (FBOS)


 Please  ensure you put your name and the event you are paying in the "Beneficiary reference" filed of your online banking transaction.


Regret, we do not take cash-on-the-day

Anyone can ride a bike fast....   But can you ride your bike real slow???

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Don't forget those who have as a reference "BMW MCC Cape"!  I mean, we know we are the BMW club, what we need to know is who you are and what the money is for.

When I organize events, I have some simple rules:

  1. Unallocated monies are donations to the club.  Finished and klaar.
  2. I don't phone.  Ever.  I am hard of hearing and it is just too stressful for me.
  3. Booking is confirmed on receipt of payment - no negotiation.
  4. No refunds - keep it simple or the fun goes out of it.

I appreciate the lovely trips and training organized by the committee and I endeavour never to be a las by causing extra work - in fact, I try to help where I can.  (Maybe we should make this an oath of allegiance when people join the club? ;-) )

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Agreed Andy

It was a mission chasing up for payments and then managing last minute orders after cut-off when arranging the club vests - no problem as it was for us all and for safety, but the fun factor was reduced so much that I am not sure I could this again......like others, I have a full time job and did this for the joy of being part of such a great club.

i do admit though that all used the correct reference (and if they didn't, they ain't getting a vest as it was then ordered for them) :-)

but after all of that, I still sit with vests in the boot of my car that people have not collected, and except for Phillip who made contact to arrange collection I have heard nothing! I can't donate as they are paid for but I still sit with the hassle. 

Will take them to club meetings if I am available to attend

Craig Broadfoot


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Can I make a suggestion: use electronic aids. Steps:

1. The club signs up for a merchant account with Payfast.
2. Charles will have to do some integration:
- each project/ride must get issued a short, unique code (the first part of the payment ref) e.g. SUTH2015 for the 2015 Sutherland winter ride.
- you already know the logged in username (the second part of the payment ref)
- whoever organises the event places the link in the forum which members will click to initiate payment
- the link takes you to the confirmation form (which might include "options" e.g. # persons, shirt sizes, etc {here's the most work to generalise it})
- the form will be the payfast confirmation form with all required fields and the reference field will be pre-filled with the event code and forum username (allow user to specify full name?)
- member submits form and can pay via a number of mechanisms, the main ones of interest which will probably cover 99% of cases are: credit card or Instant EFT which basically allows them to log into their own banking site and pay as per regular EFT, except that you now have much more control over the payment reference.
- profit.

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Long time no hear.

Thank you for the suggestion.

Ware heading in the right  direction now as far as electronic notifications and booking foes and  your suggestion has merit.

Thanks for your contribution.

Anyone can ride a bike fast....   But can you ride your bike real slow???

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I have personally built integration modules for various card-processing systems, including Paygate and PayFast.

But for card payments the club would still need to become a card merchant with the bank.  A lasbut worth it in the end as we would be able to accept card payments for all sorts of things on the spot.

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