Where the best place to get Mitas EO7's in Cape Town?

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Morning Forumites. Suggestions please?

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Tyre Choice in Brackenfell if you are in the Northern Suburbs.
021 981 2204

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Call Henk Kotzee at Cape Bike Tyre. 082 718 4156 or henk@capebiketyre.com 

He's operating out of the Woodstock Motor Co.  He'll balance and fit. 

Flying Brick in Paarden Eiland (Chris Grinton) also sell Mitas - but they don't fit.  You'll have to take them to Trac-Mac or Donfords to fit. 

NB: Tracmac in Paarden Eiland charges extra to fit a Mitas or Heidenau than they do for other tyres.  

Both Chris and Henk are (or were) club members.  


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Kevin Charleston wrote:

Both Chris and Henk are (or were) club members.  

Chris is a current member and long-standing advertiser on our site.

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Thanks. Yes, Chris and / or Kevin are my go to guys for many things. I'm after the new profile EO7's that I know only hit suppliers late this month or early April. Feels like a long waitangry

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Just Bike Tyre, Okavango Junction, Brackenfell do have stock of the new Mitas E07 for the LC's. New sizes arriving round about 20 March  contact them: 0219818399


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