What should I bring to a breakfast run?

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  1. Petrol money: You fill up at the departure point and depending on the trip will not need to fill up again. Trips are planned to accommodate the bikes with the shortest range (if they start with a full tank).
  2. Breakfast money: Breakfast prices depend on the venue and vary from R50 to R100 (if you include extras and the tip).
  3. Protective Gear: You need to cater for rain, cold, or heat. But, being a fairly conservative and safety-conscious group, you should wear (as far as possible), proper motorcycle safety gear:
    1. Helmet (obviously) - preferrably full-face
    2. Jacket, made of abrasion-resistant tough fabric and with padding at impact points. Some of us wear leathers, but by far the minority.
    3. Pants and boots - either protective enduro pants, or kevlar jeans. Sturdy motorcycle boots
    4. Gloves. Believe us, the first thing you hurt in even a standing fall will be your hands.