What is netiquette?

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Netiquette is '''etiquette''' for the inter'''net''' - the rules and manners that apply when you do things on the internet. A lot of it is just obvious good manners, but some of it is not obvious (especially to beginners), and some is specific to a given community. ===General Forum Netiquette=== # Do not '''hijack''' threads. This is the same as interrupting a conversation in polite company, except worse: ## The threads in a forum are designed to allow others to find the information they are looking for easily. If you post content in a thread that is not related to that thread, you not only make the thread irrelevant, you also make it impossible to find whatever information you contributed. ## If you need to post something that is not related to other existing threads, create a new thread with a meaningful title. # Do not use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. In web-speak this is the same as shouting. It is considered poor form if you couldn't be bothered to type properly (this goes for SMS-style spelling, consistently bad spelling in general, and failure to structure your content using paragraphs, proper sentences, bullets and headings. If you don't care, why should we care about what you have to say? ===BMW Motorcycle Club Forum Netiquette=== This is specific to our website (i.e. these are our rules and if you don't like them go somewhere else): # Keep it clean - the occasional expletive may be tolerated when used entertainingly, but gratuitous swearing, blasphemy or poor taste will not be tolerated. Many companies and homes have content filters on their web browsers that will block pages perceived to be inappropriate. If you put such language into your posts you are guaranteeing that very few people will be able to see it. # Keep it useful. ## What seems witty and clever in the heat of the moment may look childish and stupid in the cold light of day a few weeks from now. Before you post, ask yourself whether your contribution is adding to a magnificent site, or diluting it with noise. ## For comments that are directed at a small audience and that do not contribute to the site and other users in general, consider using the [http://bmwmotorcycleclubcape.co.za/messenger Messenger] in the right menu bar. # Keep it friendly. Remember, the web is forever. Many prospective employers will scan the web for information on candidates - if you would not want your post to appear on your CV, don't do it.