What is the club policy towards lane-splitting

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  • Lane splitting is currently legal.  Some laws and guidelines clarifying this and making other road users aware of this would reduce the number of cases where motorists deliberately block motorbikes trying to lane split.
  • Lane splitting or filtering if done responsibly and properly is probably the safest place for a motorcycle in heavy traffic.  Advanced rider training to teach riders how to do this safely should be provided.
  • Motorbikes are more visible when lane splitting and a motorist seeing a motorcycle is important. Bikes don’t take up the same space in a mirror unless they are in the center of it.
  • Lane-splitting prevents vehicles from mistaking the space the motorbike would be occupying in the normal traffic flow as a gap.
  • An orange head light lens stands out much more intensely during the day and late afternoon into early evening. It highlights the fact that there is a motorcycle behind you especially when looking in the mirrors and seeing a sea of head lights. These lenses are removable for night time. In spite of the traffic roadworthy regulations stipulating that headlamps may be white, orange or yellow, there are still cases of people being fined for having a front facing orange light.
  • Lane splitting allows motorcyclists to observe much more in traffic as they have a clearer view of everything around them.
  • Lane splitting at red traffic signals allows the bike to clear the traffic once the signal is green, thereby reducing its risk. It is also much safer to lane split here between stationary vehicles.
  • Being rear ended in traffic is a huge risk for motorcyclists as they have no protection what so ever. Besides a head on collision, it is probably the worst accident to be in.
  • If each motorcycle on the road was to take up the same space as a vehicle, it would negatively impact on the already bad congestion.
  • Many motorcycles will simply overheat if made to stand in traffic for extended periods of time due to their tiny radiators and cooling systems.
  • We are aware that there are absolute cowboys out there who take their lives and other people’s lives in their hands every time they get on a motorcycle. Then again there are just as many cowboys in fast cars and taxis, not to mention the cell phone brigade which is a really big problem, make-up artists and the host of drivers who seem to think that an orange signal means floor it to get across, no matter how far you are from the stop line.
  • We are of the opinion that the minimum engine capacity on highways should be reviewed upwards as well as the maximum engine capacity for riders under 18. Some scooters and motorcycles on the N1 and N2 shouldn’t be there as their maximum speed is somewhere between 60 and 80kph which puts them at risk from behind with cars continually passing them.
  • The law that restricts under 18 riders to a maximum capacity of 125cc e xcludes many very easy to ride and safe 200cc and 250cc four stroke motorcycles.  Especially considering that a 125cc two stroke usually has a quite a bit more power, acceleration and top speed than a 250cc four stroke engine.


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