What can I ask for this Beemer?

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I want to sell my hubby's GS 1100. It is old (think '93), but well looked after and did relatively little gravel in its just under 100 000km lifetime.

I have a cash offer of R35 000, but would have liked more for it. Except for the higher screen and BMW topbox (and brand new battery with mini service due to standing), it has no extras.

Should I take the 35 and be happy or try and advertise it and hope for more? It's heartbreaking to think I can get more for my little 650 while the 1100 has so much more to offer. Hubby had added about 20 000 kms since we bought it for R65 000.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Jinx.


Jinx Louw

I don't suffer from insanity, I love every minute of it!

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It seems to be an unfortunate but universal rule that a second-hand bike (gadget, anything) is worth more to the seller than the buyer. But perhaps this may be indicative:

Found a 2005 (so 12 years younger than your bike) 1200GS with 80,000 km (similar mileage) on Gumtree for R 47k.

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I would say R25k to R30k is reasonable, R35k is a very good offer.

Have look at this:


1996 1100GS with 104000km @ R35000, including a single bike trailer (worth R4k to 6k?)



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Thank you very much guys, I appreciate it!

Will take that offer.

Jinx Louw

I don't suffer from insanity, I love every minute of it!

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I too, think you should take that offer - good luck, JINX!


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