What are the Club Ride Rules and Guidelines

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BMW Club Rides Rules and guidelines

  1. The rider in front is responsible for the rider behind him or her. Thus If you cannot see the headlight of the bike behind you slack off until you do. Stop if necessary. This will have a knock-on effect eventually the leader will be stopped.
  2. Only the ride captain will search for stragglers unless he/she appoints another rider to do so.
  3. Consider all road-users, all the time and watch your wing mirrors all the time.
  4. Never fall behind the sweeper.
  5. Always ride in a staggered formation unless conditions make it unsafe to do so, bike number 2 will always be on the left as the leader may move from left to right to try and observe the rest of the riders on occasion. Number 2 must maintain the left hand position to avoid continual weaving behind the leader. You may pass bikes to find ‘your slot’ but try to stick to your position.
  6. On passes, ride in single file, never abreast, and give yourself room to react to the bike in front’s antics. Only pass a bike on the right hand side. Faster riders may overtake to enjoy the pass, but must wait on the other side of the pass to regroup.
  7. Only the leader and the last rider (sweeper) will ride with high beams, the rest only driving lights.
  8. If the group is larger than 10 riders an additional ride marshal will be appointed, if needed the group will be split.
  9. We will not exceed the speed limit; going 10km faster per hour in the front in bigger groups will force the tail-enders to ride nearly 30km/h faster to keep up.
  10. If you stop to take a photo, the sweeper will also stop and wait.
  11. Do not leave the group unless so arranged with the leader and sweeper.
  12. Rider briefing will be 10 minutes before we set off, please don’t be late.
  13. Please inform the ride captain discreetly if you are on medication or any medical condition that may affect your riding ability (Diabetes and Epilepsy in particular).
  14. For longer rides we will leave earlier, not ride faster.
  15. Be vigilant for the 'superbike' coming up fast from behind. give way and let it pass.

    Every ride

    1. We will try to include at least one mountain pass, more if the route allows.
    2. Routes to the venue will be limited to 100km or as close as; longer rides will leave earlier.
    3. After breakfast riders can choose their own routes back home or follow the ride captain.
    4. Depending on the group size and ride distance we will stop more or less often to break and take photos.
    5. New riders and novices will get preference and dictate the pace.
    6. On the road tips will be provided to those who ask.
    7. Reckless riding will not be tolerated.

    Newcomers' ride

    As required and if there is sufficient interest we will dedicate a ride to the newcomers, these rides will be shorter and include more stops and on-the-road training will be provided if requested.

    Old Hats' Ride

    Depending on demand 1 or 2 rides will be planned for the old hats, wake up real early, put on your leathers, grit your teeth and we are off. These rides will not be suitable for novices.


    Motorsport is inherently dangerous.  As per paragraph 9 of the club constitution, the club shall not be held liable for any loss, injury or death of any member or guest, howsoever arising.

    The BMW Motorrad Club Cape cannot be held responsible or liable in any way for any actions or decisions you make as a result of the information posted on this site.  Although this site is enabled and used by the BMW Motorrad Club Cape, posts are made by members, non-members, advertisers and guests and none of it is vetted by the club before posting.  This is the internet and Africa - you are responsible for yourself.

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