Wanted: roll-up tool kit R1200GS ac; rear mudguard R1200GS 2006; Sena smh10 Bluetooth module

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Hey, guys. 


I'm looking for a roll-up tool kit for the air cooled R1200GS, must please include the oil cap spanner;


A rear mudguard for a 2006 R1200GS and the Bluetooth module for the Sena smh10 system, I have everything else, I just need the bit that clips on, if anyone perhaps has one they're not using, for whatever reason...


Much appreciated, Leonard 

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Hi Eddy - just be aware there are two DIFFERENT bolt patterns for the near-identical rear mudguard on these bikes, in case someone offers you one from a later bike: they LOOK near identical, but the bolt pattern IS different - good luck!

You can try BRAD / ACME Salvage / Knysna Bike Graveyard for 2nd hand parts - shout if you need the numbers.

We stock a COMPREHENSIVE roll-up tool set for that very bike, send me an e-mail info@flyingbrick.co.za and I will send you pics and pricing...

and we stock the FULL SENA range, SMH5, 10, 20, 30, etc.

Cheers, Chris & Team


021 510 6455


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to make it clear, we can order in ANY SENA spares you need, plastic clips, whatever...

thanks, CHris

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Hijacking this thread - are these Bluetooth headsets compatible with other brands? We have an Interphone F5, but only 2 headsets, and one that has a mic that is no longer working.

We are wanting to replace/fix the one with the broken Mic (It's not the actual mic, but probably in the actual headset) and possibly get another headset for a third user.

Can we get a different brand?

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...generally speaking, most of the brands of headsets have a 'Universal' intercom, meaning SENA can talk to INTERPHONE can talk to SCALA...

Previously, SPIRIT headset was on a different 'protocol' or somesuch, meaning it could not communicate with SENA/INTERPHONE/SCALA... but this MAY have changed: unsure!


Chris & Team

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