WANTED: 2001 F650GS lambda oxygen sensor

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Anyone have a second-hand lambda oxygen sensor for a 2001 F650GS? Even if only for loan/testing? Part number 11787685320.

It may be the cause behind intermittent "fuel starvation" symptoms, but it's damn pricey to get, especially if the mechanic is not completely sure that this is indeed the cause.

The wiring harness of my bike was checked/fixed up and no hectic symptoms since, but it has only been a day (and the symptoms don't always show), so I'm sending a preemptive call out there in case the issue is not resolved.

To Geoff: Don't worry (too much) about Lambert's Bay. My bike still rides, despite its very intermittent jerkiness issues - so intermittent that it never crops up when the mechanic rides it!!! Grrrrr.

I also have spare levers for the next ride. The starter switch is working again. The battery is new. And I have brand new tyres...


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Have you tried Knysna Motorcycle graveyard? They sell secondhand parts 0814274614

J P Hamman
Tel 021 9307055 or 0824485185

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