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BMW F800GS 2013
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10+ years
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I am an executive recruitment business owner with 3 boys; riding since 1983. My first proper bike after a Yamaha RD50 was a Honda MBX50DX - did I fall a lot(!!!) but it ran circles around my father's Vespa 150X ☺ My best bike was a Honda CX500 - a shaft driven V-twin: smooth, stable, a good handler. On a student ride from Pretoria to Durban the CX500 showed its dominance - Attie on a Z1000 suffered from harsh suspension, as did Wouter on a meek Suzuki GS450. A brief spell on a Moto Guzzi V.50 was disastrous - it was way too small, the brakes wouldn't work and the gearbox gave in soon after selling. A Kawasaki KE175 did well in seeing me through the rest of university and army. It took some convincing to buy a bike in 2009 as my wife did not know me as a biker. Too bad that an opportunistic Taxi driver assisted in writing of my 2008 Kawasaki Versys in Nov 2009... Fortunately a F800GS filled the gap, and ran to Vic Falls and Namibia in August 2011 with pleasure. My 2013 F800GS is still the weapon of choice. A motorcycle is one of the best tools to get around in Cape Town - I save hours not sitting in traffic. Contact me on 082 440 5250 for: Accelerator Modules for BMWs, Yamaha S10 and KTM motorcycles, LED Spot Lights, LED Tail Lights, Waterproof Volt Meters for Bikes and 4x4's; Walkstool and RustStop. Roodt Griesel


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