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These are trips, meetings or rides that are not being officially organized by the club. They are posted here for your information and you must organise yourself to take advantage of them.

GS Trophy : All Bikes Invited : Montagu 9 - 13 May

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From BMW Motorrad:

"This year, we’re making GS Trophy history and you’re invited! Not only is it the first time the event will be held in Montagu and the first time it’s been extended to 4 days, it’s also the first time ever that all BMW Motorrad enthusiasts have been invited to join.

There will be riding activities for non-GS owners to enjoy, and plenty of local attractions and pubs – so it truly is for everyone."

To join, follow these steps:

BARNYARD social: 19 JUL 2019: Fundraiser for GS Trophy Team

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This serves as an invitation to join us to an evening of fun, music, dancing, social and to contribute towards a worthy course!! 

The purpose of the fundraiser is to support the GS Trophy Team that are preparing for the National event in Dullstroom,  5-8 September 2019.

We reserved 200 seats for this event and need to fill it.  Thus, invite your friends, family, neighbours, collegues, etc etc.

Surprize in Slovenia

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Recently I was fortunate to tour in Slovenia (what a wonderful country to experience!)


Sedgefield forest explorer

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This trip is a “gates trip”, because – in essence – we were trying to answer that one burning question: “Is there really a locked gate?”

Our tracks therefore consisted of many double-backs, tortuous twists and rerouting. As the map apps like to say: Recalculating!!

And then there are the places where only a GPS can help…

Van Zyl's pass

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Has anybody done this pass recently? I've been reading about it and now it's in the back of my mind but as the saying goes: "Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread". My intended date is July 2019.....

WANTED - comfort seat 800 gs

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I am in the market for a comfort seat for a 2011 gs 800. Been looking at new ones but my budget is too small..... Alternatively, if anyone has a used standard seat that you want to part with please either PM me or send me a mail.


Xmas in November

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As the year ends every one starts to plan a year end function.  As normal human beings our group also decided on one.  Thanks to Jill for taking the initiative of arranging it.

So the coin falls on Lamberts Bay.

Footup Trials Nationals - Cape Rounds 5 & 6

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Details here.



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