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These are trips, meetings or rides that are not being officially organized by the club. They are posted here for your information and you must organise yourself to take advantage of them.

GS Trophy : All Bikes Invited : Montagu 9 - 13 May

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From BMW Motorrad:

"This year, we’re making GS Trophy history and you’re invited! Not only is it the first time the event will be held in Montagu and the first time it’s been extended to 4 days, it’s also the first time ever that all BMW Motorrad enthusiasts have been invited to join.

There will be riding activities for non-GS owners to enjoy, and plenty of local attractions and pubs – so it truly is for everyone."

To join, follow these steps:

Xmas in November

Points: 6


As the year ends every one starts to plan a year end function.  As normal human beings our group also decided on one.  Thanks to Jill for taking the initiative of arranging it.

So the coin falls on Lamberts Bay.

Footup Trials Nationals - Cape Rounds 5 & 6

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Points: 0

Details here.


Nomads Club Trial :: Wellington :: 19 Aug 2018

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Details here.

Footup Trials Nationals, Legs 5 & 6

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2018/09/22 10:00
2018/09/23 16:00

Spectators enter free.  There will be food stalls and spectacular riding up close with the best in the country.  Details here.


Sandveld-Cederberg Overnight Ride 1 & 2 Sep 2018

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Points: 1

Interested riders are hereby invited to join me on Saturday the 1st and/or Sunday the 2nd of September 2018, for a ride through the Sandveld and the Cederberg, respectively.

There are various options to participate in this ride, viz:

The Ripple Hill Hotel - Patensie

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Points: 2

John Moore, the owner of the Ripple Hill hotel, advertises on our site.  The hotel is ideally situated for a trip through Baviaanskloof, as Patensie is the first town you reach after exiting the kloof on the PE/NMB side.

The front of the hotel is not well sign-posted, but the Ripple Hill pub next door is.

Baviaans by Suzuki

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Points: 4

I should have a bumper sticker on my bike that says "My other car is a Suzuki".  This report describes a part of our second honeymoon trip to Hogsback, where we rode through the Baviaankloof in our Suzuki Jimny.

We rode from Cape Town to Willowmore along the R62, with lunch in Barrydale at the Country Pumpkin.  The food and service there is always great, and the owner rides a BMW and looks after bikers.

At Willowmore, we checked in to The Willow Historical Guest House.

Margate Bike Fest 2018

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Points: 4

Five of the club members decided to attend the Margate Bike Fest this year.

This is not a traditional report of where we went and what we saw but much more about the human camaraderie between the riders on the journey.

Enough said, just watch the video that Henri Basson kindly prepared on returning to find out more.

The route we took is certainly worth the ride offering great views on routes that are not often traveled.


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