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These are trips, meetings or rides that are not being officially organized by the club. They are posted here for your information and you must organise yourself to take advantage of them.

GS Trophy : All Bikes Invited : Montagu 9 - 13 May

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From BMW Motorrad:

"This year, we’re making GS Trophy history and you’re invited! Not only is it the first time the event will be held in Montagu and the first time it’s been extended to 4 days, it’s also the first time ever that all BMW Motorrad enthusiasts have been invited to join.

There will be riding activities for non-GS owners to enjoy, and plenty of local attractions and pubs – so it truly is for everyone."

To join, follow these steps:

Nomads Club Trial :: Elgin :: 20 May 2018

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The trial for May is at the Elgin Country Club on 20th May.  The venue is great for an outing to watch or ride some trials with the whole family.  The country club has a restaurant and bar in a beautiful setting.

Have a look here:

First ride on the Rally: going Postal (and other by-ways)

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What do you do if you do not have the skill to follow your crazy partner on all the tracks he wants to explore? Downsize. My 17-year-old 650GS, tired of getting bits smashed off it at frequent intervals, has handed the baton on to a young upstart: a new Honda 250L Rally.

First Trial of the year : Constantia : Sun 18 Mar 2018

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If you're interested in footup trials, come along to the first trial of the 2018 season.  Details here:

Looking for Gravel

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03/03/2018 – Looking for gravel


Seeing that we are planning a Lesotho trip in April the need to “get the Gravel legs out” had me looking at some local gravel routes on Saturday morning. As this was a very spur of the moment ride I was going to go solo.


I threw the Dustriders hoist on the back – just 4 in case!  Fortunately not needed on the day. Some ice-cold water in the top box and a energy bar if I needed that and the preparation was complete.


Baviaanskloof Kareedouw side entry

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I follow the motto of work hard, play hard. This means that I’ve only managed to keep up to date with some of my 2- or 3-day trip ride reports; ignoring the day escapades and sadly neglecting the rides that served as highlights to my year.

Another motto I follow: rather late than never. So here it is, over a year late. A 4-person 6-day adventure to Baviaanskloof and back, including the infamous and hair-raising side-entry from Kareedouw. This is the scariest route I have tackled to date.

Local Tour Guide organizing local tours

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Query - Derek R. Keeling


I am interested in doing local day tar bike tours in Cape Town and Surrounds.

#1000km in a day

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ATGATT... Me? Naahh!

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Once you get into riding, ATGATT means everything. ALL THE GEAR ALL THE TIME! Slogans like "Be Safe, Not Sorry", or "Rather sweat to death than bleed to death" keep most on the straight and narrow. As I say, most...

After a tiring week I put my phone off to sleep-in this morning, something I never do - that is, phone off or sleeping late. Just after 8am I hear my dad knocking and walking in (I was up at 6 to open up for the dogs, but went back to bed). My mom, dad and sister wanted to know if I wanted to join them for a ride.


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