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2019/03/19 18:02
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The next RIDE LEADER training is scheduled for: -

Date: Tuesday 19th March 2019.


Venue: DONFORD MOTORRAD, Webersvallei road, Jamestown

Time: 18H30 to 21H30

places: 25 places


BOOKING  : online booking form

Cost: R170 covers refreshments and materials

Non-members pay R240 per person


Who should attend: 
Anyone who is a ride leader, wants to be a ride leader or Club Captain.

Anyone who just wants to learn what the dynamics of leading a ride are.

25 places, First paid first confirmed.  No refunds

Only booked riders accepted at the door.


Payments made to the BMWMCC account

First National Bank

Branch: Long Street, code 201709

Acc No: 50060098602

Reference: name plus Rideleader


This course has hand outs (.pdf emailed to you after the course)

BMWMCCC numbered certificates will be given to attendees.

We will cover the various dynamics from: -



Back up trailer driver

Route planning

Calendar planning


Command and Control


All are welcome.

Training is for anyone who may one day want to lead a ride or anyone who is interested in investing in this training to learn what the dynamics are.

Conclusions from this training evening.

1) Existing rise leaders will say "Nee man, its true I do not get paid enough to go through all this, they should treble my bonus!?

2) anyone else who has not yet led a ride will find they respect the ride leader considerably more after learning all that is going on before during and after a ride just so that 20 odd guys n gals can go off on a ride to have fun together.

True story.

During the 6 months it took to pen it all down, I constantly asked myself why I go through all the work and not just can it and go off on my own ride, alone or with a buddy.

It seems like nothing but stress, calls, responsibility, worry, and no time to enjoy the ride yourself.

Until you apply the principles and make it work for all.

But it is the responses after a ride from the fellow riders that make all the effort worthwhile and fuels your soul to go through it one more time.

If you would like to understand the dynamics, the AARTO Regulations and the ins n outs from prep to asking foo constructive feedback, then come along anyway.


Thank you once again to Donford Motorrad for their continued support of the BMWMCCC


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