Training Day with a Difference - 28 May

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We invite everyone who joined us on a previous training day to take part in this fun day with a difference. A quick introduction, bike setup and the normal things we do can be discussed  on arrival and while having your warm cuppa Anura special coffee. Thereafter we will move to the specific training terrains where we will cater for a variety of activities.  The groups will rotate to accommodate as much as possible terrains on the same day.  The day is about cross training and to improve your riding skills, we have the area to do so, so let's use it.   Each group will have an 1 hour slot and move to the next activity (or you can stay for another slot at the same activity to practise your skills).  
The programme of the day will cater for the following:

1. Group 1: Standard Level 1 & Pillion training - full day as per norm - 1 trainer;

2. Group 2: Sand training:  cones & braking incorporated  - 1 hour session; 

3. Group 3: Forest trail & dam training - 1 hour session;

4. Group 4: Lower dam obstacle course - NEW!! - 1 hour session.  Tymen has excavated a new dam which can be used.... it looks like fun. Let's give it a go!!  Picture below just for illustration purposes.


Groups 2 - 4:  if you have not done an introduction or level 1 training  it will not be wise to do the more advanced sessions. This is level 2 and cross training type training.

The highlight of the day will be the gymkhana event after lunch.  Here we will need everyone who did groups 2 - 4 to attend and put their skills to the test. It normally a fun event and everyone supporting each other.   Does this sound like fun???  For sure it is...adrenalin flowing....machines working....concentration...lots of laughs...just join in the fun!!!

Remember the training days are presented in a fun and relaxed losers...all winners!!!! Emphasys on safety and to bond with your dream machine.

This will take riders to a new riding skill level, but carried out in a safe environment.  Join us for lots of fun and training in a stunning forest/wine farm environment.  Remember our rules still apply:  you only do what you feel comfortable with.  Come and have fun on that GS and challenge yourself . (other dual purpose bikes also welcome)

Training venue:

We are fortunate to use the facilities at Anura Vineyards, Klapmuts.  

The date: 28 MAY 2017 - Be there smiley

Reminders and more details will follow closer to the date of the training day on this Forum and Donford Motorrad, Stellenbosch, Facebook page. The final arrangements will be communicated to those that booked their spots and via e-mail closer to the day. 


Lev 1 : R450.00 per rider (R500.00 non-club members) - Full day

Pillion training: R700.00 per couple (R750.00 non-club members) - full day

Groups 2- 4: R300.00 per rider (R350.00 non club members)

Bank account details: 

  • First National Bank
  • Branch: Long Street
  • Branch code: 201709 (Standard Bank users must add 2 zeros at the end)
  • A/c no: 50060098602
  • A/c name: BMW Motorcycle Club Cape
  • Ref: Your Surname + training/date

Please email the EFT payment  (PLS NO CASH DEPOSITS) Proof of payment to: .

The training fee includes: Full day training, Coffee on arrival, Lunch


For any further details, do not hesitate to contact me directly on or 082 8991169 OR John Carr (BMW Donford Motorrad) 021 888 4200.

To book your BMW Club bike skills training course, please use our online booking form here: online booking form 

Be safe and Make Life a Ride 


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