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A new year with new beginnings.  It's 2020 with plenty of challenges and adventure time.

The training team had a planning meeting and interesting ideas for innovative training, events, new terrains and surprises awaits you.  

Herewith the training dates for 2020:

19 Febr 2020 : FPOS (First person on scene) - Andy - Donford SBosch

23 Febr 2020: Lev 1, 2, Pillions - Training team - Anura Vineyards

18 March 2020: Ride leader training - Andy - Donford SBosch

5 April 2020: Beginners ride - Andy - Greyton

17 May 2020: Lev 1, 2, Pillions - Training team - Anura Vineyards

28 June 2020: Beginners ride - Andy - Durbanville/Paarl

5 July 2020: Training event (TBA) - Training team

26 July 2020: Watercrossing, Self Rescue - Andy - Mellish

16 Aug 2020: Lev 1, 2, Pillion - Training team - Anura Vineyards

Sept date TBA: Weekend getaway - Training team

4 Oct 2020: Training event - Training team - TBA

10 Oct 2020: Beginners ride - Andy - Greyton

8 Nov 2020: Lev 1, 2, Pillions - Training team - Anura Vineyards

8 Nov 2020: Beginners ride - Andy - Greyton

6 Dec 2020: Training type TBA - Training team

Some popular and new events will be on the calendar this year.  A new track/terrain to be visited for the more extreme riders. This specific venue has not been introduced to any advanced riders, yet.  Watch this space for your invitation. The Darling railway route and Du Toitskloof/Wolseley outride on the calendar, again.

Workshops on How to pack your bike for a trip, what to take along on a tour, set-up of your bike, etc. will be catered for.

Off Road training gift vouchers available for that someone on a special occassion or as a spoil.  Contact Anna-Marie on 082 8991169


The Level 1, 2 and pillion Off Road training is as per BMW standards. We prefer and recommend riders to do Level 1 first and then move to Level 2.  This way we know they have learned the basics.  We recommend riders with a new bike to do a refresher of Lev 1 or 2 depending on their riding abilities as each bike have its own bonding space and dynamics.

Only 1 level can be completed on a day.

We cover:

- theory about rider gear, safety, rider position, bike set-up, dynamics of the BMW bike, tyre pressures, etc

Level 1: Explaining and adjusting the motorcycle, ABS de-activation, rider position, Off Road steering, cone riding, balancing, picking up the bike, leading the bike, slow riding, braking, Pillion riding

Level 2: Bike set-up, tyre pressures, rider position, cone riding, body position, angle riding,  stopping on a hill, uphill & down hill riding, sharp turns, sand riding, technical ride up a jeep track, high speed braking on gravel, gymkhana, sand and trail riding, etc.

Remember our rules still apply:  you only do what you feel comfortable with.  Come and have fun on that GS and challenge yourself .

We also cater for other brands.  Feel free to invite your friend/s on his Yamaha, KTM, Honda, etc.  

The training days are presented in a fun and relaxed way with emphasis on safety and to bond with your dream machine. The team want u to be a more confident, safer rider. 

Reminders and more details will follow closer to the date of the training days on this Forum and Donford Motorrad, Stellenbosch, Facebook page.

Costs: (unless mentioned otherwise)

Lev 1 & 2 : R450.00 per rider (R525.00 non-club members)

Pillion training: R700.00 per couple (R775.00 non-club members)

Bank account details:

  • First National Bank
  • Branch: Long Street
  • Branch code: 201709 (Standard Bank users must add 2 zeros at the end)
  • A/c no: 50060098602
  • A/c name: BMW Motorcycle Club Cape
  • Ref: Your Surname + training/date

The training fee includes: Full day training, Coffee on arrival, Lunch unless mentioned otherwise.


Book online -  online booking form

For any further details, do not hesitate to contact me directly on or 082 8991169.  Alternatively John Carr (BMW Donford Motorrad) 021 888 4200.

Joined: 2014/02/13

Any Nav/GPS training in the near future ?

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Joined: 2009/10/13

Hi Murray

We will try to accommodate the need for GPS training and add it to the 2nd half of the 2020 calendar.

Thank you for your enquery.  I'm sure there is a need for this training.


Joined: 2016/01/19

No Marshalling training this year?

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Joined: 2009/10/13

Hi Mike. thank you for your enquiry.  not sure if there a need for more marshalls, but Andy will be able to assist.


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Joined: 2009/10/13

If you are still interested to join the Level1 / Level2 / Pillions off road training day this Sunday, 23 FEB 2020, bookings will be closing  21 Feb, 12:00

Be in contact with Anna-Marie on 082 8991169

See you

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