Training 2018 : Off Road : Lev 1, 2, Pillion & more (updated)

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Herewith the awaited 2018 training dates.  The training team are ready to surprise you with a training programme which promises for an interesting and exciting year....the idea to cover all aspects of adventure biking as well as tar riding.

The Level 1, 2 and pillion Off Road training is as per BMW standards. We prefer and recommend riders to do Level 1 first and then move to Level 2.  This way we know they have learned the basics.  We recommend riders with a new bike to do a refresher of Lev 1 or 2 depending on their riding abilities as each bike have its own bonding space and dynamics.

Only 1 level can be completed on a day.

We cover:

- theory about rider gear, safety, rider position, bike set-up, dynamics of the BMW bike, tyre pressures, etc

Level 1: Explaining and adjusting the motorcycle, ABS de-activation, rider position, Off Road steering, cone riding, balancing, picking up the bike, leading the bike, slow riding, braking

Level 2: Bike set-up, tyre pressures, rider position, cone riding, body position, angle riding,  stopping on a hill, uphill & down hill riding, sharp turns, sand riding, technical ride up a jeep track, high speed braking on gravel, gymkhana, sand and trail riding, etc.

Remember our rules still apply:  you only do what you feel comfortable with.  Come and have fun on that GS and challenge yourself .

We also cater for other brands.  Feel free to invite your friend/s on his Yamaha, KTM, Tenére etc.  

Training venue:

We are fortunate to use the facilities at Anura Vineyards, Klapmuts.  

The dates:

25 FEBR : Lev 1 & Pillion Off Road training day (Cancelled)

25 MARCH : Lev 1 & Pillion Off Road training day 

22 APR : Off Road Training DAY RIDE

27 MAY : Lev 2 only (Lev 1 added)

24 JUNE : 4 disciplines & gymkhana off road day

29 JULY : no planned training

26 AUG : LADIES workshop

30 SEPT : Level 1 & Pillion & Lev 2 Off Road training day

28 OCT : Level 1 & Pillion & Lev 1+ Refresher Off Road training day

25 NOV : Day Tar training ride

2 DEC : Lev 1 & 2  SAND TRAINING 

Watch this space for any interesting add ons eg Sand / Trail training days.

The training days are presented in a fun and relaxed losers...all winners!!!! Emphasis on safety and to bond with your dream machine.

Reminders and more details will follow closer to the date of the training days on this Forum and Donford Motorrad, Stellenbosch, Facebook page.


Lev 1 & 2 : R450.00 per rider (R500.00 non-club members)

Pillion training: R700.00 per couple (R750.00 non-club members)

Bank account details:

  • First National Bank
  • Branch: Long Street
  • Branch code: 201709 (Standard Bank users must add 2 zeros at the end)
  • A/c no: 50060098602
  • A/c name: BMW Motorcycle Club Cape
  • Ref: Your Surname + training/date

Please email the EFT payment  (PLS NO CASH DEPOSITS) Proof of payment to: .

The training fee includes: Full day training, Coffee on arrival, Lunch


For any further details, do not hesitate to contact me directly on or 082 8991169.  Alternatively John Carr (BMW Donford Motorrad) 021 888 4200.

Let's make this world a better place....Be safe and Make Life a Ride 

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Good day

Unfortunately we need to CANCEL the 25 FEB 2018 training day.  Please be in contact to book for 25 March 2018.  If you made a payment to the club for Febr training day, it will be transferred to the next available date.

Sorry for the disappointment

You are welcome to contact me on 082 8991169 or John Carr at 021 888 4200

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I just wanted to say thank you to Anne-Marie, Arnot, Neels and John for a fantastic days training on the Level1 off-road course. The standard of organization and instruction was of the highest quality but delivered in a fun and relaxed manner. Looking forward to the next one!

Les Milner

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Thank you, Les, for the positive feedback.  Happy to hear about your experience.

See soon


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BMW Off Road Training DAY RIDE: 22 APR 2018

Event BMW Off Road Training DAY RIDE: 22 APR 2018 has been updated.

Submitted by Anna-Marie on 18 March 2018 - 9:53pm

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2018/04/22 08:00

2018/04/22 16:50


All aspects regarding off road riding techniques will be attended to en-route on this day outride.  Sufficient stops will allow the trainer/s to demonstrate and discuss riding skills.  

This will be a relaxed ride and the focus will be to build confidence and to bond with your machines, in a safe environment.


R200.00 paid up Club members

R250.00 non-paid up club members

Lunch will be for your own account as we will identify a lunch spot which will cater for a light lunch and the necessary toilet facilities.

Banking details:

First National Bank

Branch: Long Street

Branch Code: 201709 (Standard bank users must use 2zeros at the end)

A/C no: 50060098602

A/C name: BMW Motorrad Club Cape

Ref: Your name/surname & training level/date

The routes for the day will be announced on the morning.  There will be a Level 1 and 2 group/s which will do a route in different directions.  The groups will meet later in the afternoon for a late lunch (for your own account). 

For any further info do not hesitate to contact me directly: 082 8991169  or

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Thanks to Anna-Marie, Neels, Arno and the rest of the gang for a very enjoyable gravel familiarizing run on Sunday 22 April. All the good advise and well planned route with a lovely lunch (skaapnek boontjie bredie at Toeka) made the day memorable. Thanks again I really enjoyed it!

"I love my bike, she spends my money just the way I like it."

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Please diarise this date if you Feel adventurous to join in a training day with a difference. 

Due to the popularity and success of this day held in 2017, the training team are excited to spoil u with another interesting and valuable training day. 

We will cater for a variety of activities in 4 different groups which will rotate.  Our goal is to improve your skills and expose you to several off road conditions.  Each group will have an 1 hour slot and move to the next activity.

After lunch we will entertain you with a gymkhana competition. We encourage you to take part in this event or to join as a spectator.

Costs: (coffee on arrival & lunch included)

R450.00 pp (club members)

R500.00 pp (non club members)

Everyone welcome who joined us on a previous training day.

Herewith the groups AND what we will cover....Just to tickle your curiosity:

1. Group 1: SAND/MUD

- Pulling away in sand/mud

- Braking, turning

- cones

- how to get a bike out once stuck

- MUD: playing in the mud and general ridings skills

2. Group 2: DAM WALL

- Angle riding. off camber

- turning on the wall

- Recovery

- Pull away, controlled downhill braking, etc

- jumping a log

3. GROUP 3: TRAIL & Vineyard TRACKS

- Follow an uphill path in the forest

- Ride uneven vineyard tracks

- techniques


- How to load and tie down a bike on a trailer

- Towing a bike

- General packing of a bike, emergency tools, general First Aid kit

- watercrossing demo & theory

- general bike set-up including suspension


Put your skills to the test!!!   Adrenalin flowing and machines working...this the real McCoy why we ride.  Just join in the fun!!

Remember the training days are presented in a fun and relaxed way.  This day will take riders to a new riding skill level, but carried out in a safe environment.  Join us for lots of fun and training in a stunning forest/wine farm environment.  Our rules still apply:  you only do what you feel comfortable with.  Come and have fun on that GS and challenge yourself.

Other Dual purpose bikes also welcome.

Training venue:  We are fortunate to use the facilities at Anura vineyards, Klapmuts

Final arrangements will reach you upon confirmation of your booking.

For any details, contact John Carr on 021 8884200, BMW Donford Motorrad, Stellenbosch or myself on 082 8991169.

See you there yes


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Hi all.

We can still accommodate more entrants.  Bookings will be closing Friday morning, 22 June 2018.

Please contact me for any further details.


082 8991169

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Following a training site inspection, today, we found it necessary to postpone the 4 Disciplines training day with the predicted  heavy showers on the way.  Anura’s dams are rising and the training field is very wet underfoot. The dry dam we normally use is water saturated and not possible to cross.  With more rain on its way it will not be possible to ride there or to experience the fun we normally do.  

This is all done in the interest of safety and looking after your expensive machinery.  What a pity to postpone!!  Very disappointed ourselves. BUT we are very grateful for the blessed rains.

Please accept our apologies for this decision.  A new date will be determine asap.  We will inform you soonest.  Please be in contact whether it necessary to arrange a refund or to keep your payment in credit for a future event.

Have a warm weekend and let's support the Boks

Friendly regards


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