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I received the following via what's app but I'm having difficulty finding the draft changes so I can't confirm, but it will be a bummer if this is passed.

This is an urgent call to all motorcycle commuters, motorcycle related businesses, motorcycle enthusiasts – actually all motorcyclists/bikers. 
The City of Cape Town is proposing changes to its Traffic By-Laws. There are many changes proposed but the one of most concern to us is Section 49 (6) (a) of the Draft Traffic By-Law that states that lane sharing by a motorcycle and another vehicle will no longer be permissible.
We believe that this section of the proposal is extremely ill-advised! Bear in mind that Cape Town is the most heavily congested city in the country. Making motorcycles drive like a car in congested traffic situations makes no sense at all – it will just add to the problem! 
Studies prove that motorcycle use reduces congestion (and emissions) in cities! Motorcycles and scooters are a cost effective transport solution, and for many citizens are their primary means of transport. They also require less parking space. This is not rocket science. 
For many motorcycle dealers in Cape Town, the largest part of their customer base are the commuters. But how many motorcycle commuters will be left if they have to ride their bike like a car. If the dealers start disappearing, what will happen to the already stressed motorcycle market? Motorcycles will end up as no more than toys for the wealthy few…
What about the Capetonians that make a living from motorcycles? What will they do when dealers start disappearing?
Current thinking in Europe is that more should be done to ENCOURAGE the use of motorcycles and scooters.
Please also remember that being rear-ended in a bumper to bumper traffic situation is a fairly common occurrence, but on a motorcycle this could be life threatening.
City of Cape Town this is a BAD idea!
Please people, take the time to log your comments on this proposal before 30 October 2019. Please do make specific reference to Section 49 (6) (a)
You can comment by 30 October 2019 at:
Here is the relevant section…
49. (6) (a) Persons, other than authorised officials in the performance of their duties, driving motor cycles on a public road, shall drive in single file except in the course of overtaking another motor cycle, and two or more persons driving motor cycles shall not overtake another vehicle at the same time: Provided that where a public road is divided into traffic lanes, each such lane shall, for the purposes of this paragraph, be regarded as a public road


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I would'nt worry about it, lots said in the Facebook post by the originator but also many responses saying that those clauses do NOT prohibit lane splitting. I have email from Mr Carlisle from back in 2016 already saying not to worry, they are not going to prohibit lane splitting, just ensure motorcyclists ride more responsibly, behind each other and not overtake other motor vehicles and/or motorcycles recklessly.

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Agree with Alf - nothing in that clause refers to lane-splitting.  It is about safety and common courtesy.  Besides, we fought that battle some years ago.  And even if the law were to change, given the number of traffic laws that everybody breaks every single day, it cannot be enforced.

I for one will continue lane-splitting whether it is legal or not - for my own safety.

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