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This is an open message of THANKS to Pete O'Hanlon, and anyone else with him, who stopped and helped at the scene of my accident on Sunday 3rd March.

I experienced a very unexpected fall on the one-way bridge on the R304 just outside Philadelphia, which has resulted in 8 broken ribs and 7 days in hospital for me.

I believe Pete and some others were on their own ride and happened on the scene shortly after my fall.

For me it was absolutely great that Pete (and the others) rendered immediate assistance as well as taking control of my belongings, arranging for the overnight storage and collection of my bike the next day. It took a great deal of worry off my mind.

Once again, many thanks.

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Get well soon Mervyn - and remember, during rehabilitation, underachievement is always better.  Yes, if you are going to have a fall, Pete is one of the people you should fall in front of.

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Best wishes for a full recovery Mervyn.

David ffoulkes

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That is how we know Pete. wink

All the best with the recovery!

Garth Hewitt

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Thanks for the kind words Mervyn (and others).  I can assure you that any club member would have done the same.

Your fall is a bit of a mystery as to how it happened, I can only assume that you hit a spot of sand/diesel at the entrance to the bridge and possibly a touch of front brake.  I only know that your rear wheel went considerably faster than your front!

There was a very nice couple who also helped.  They were on their way to Paarl in their car and just arrived to see you resting under your bike and they helped a lot with controlling spectators and traffic.  I'll try and get their names for you.

I was riding with my daughter and we both have a bit of medical training so after the "primary survey" I was able to leave you in her care (at her mercy), while I went and flirted with the nearby farmer's wife and dropped all your kit off at the farmhouse.  

Very glad your body is recovering; next step is for your mind to recover ... it's always a massive dent to one's confidence when one goes down like that!  Small steps.

If you can dream it you can do it!

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