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I need a decent tank bag, but I struggle to find something that fits the 800 properly. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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I have come to the conclusion that no such thing exists. When I stand, there really isn't enough space for a tank-bag. The only one that I like the look of is the [http://www.advrider.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9403122&postcount=123 Cortech Super Mini], but I don't think there is a local supplier.
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Visit Adventure Rider (Think that's their name in NorthGate...Paarden Island they carry the Kappa range, Jane got a nice one for her bike there. Trevor and Adrian....Trevor is Topbox on the Wilddog Forum...great gents!
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http://www.advrider.co.za/product_info.php?cPath=56_62&products_id=140 Spoke to Adrian at ADVrider Northgate and he recommends the Kappa TK724. R900. Fitted quite he few he says. Will have a look this Saturday. Thanks Neil.
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I got the Bags Connection Enduro bag from Donford Seated it is fine (doesn't obscure diials etc), but standing I feel it isn't far enough forward (your legs lean up against it) as you are limited by the key position in how far to the front you can place the base............which is why it is currently being modified to make the "cutout" bigger which will enable me to move the bag forward. If it works then it would seem to me to be one of the better solutions - albeit not an "out the box" one See http://www.bikegear.co.za/att/Enduro%20Tankbag.pdf rgds Gavin __________________________________________________ Formerly known as Blue.........but as my wife stole that bike I had to buy another ;-)

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