Studtis Poort (P0397/R332) - Baviaanskloof

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When the old SAR&H withdrew their Tri-Compo bus service from the Baviaanskloof, the good old donkey cart became the local mode of transport for many of the klowers. Today we unpack the secrets and history of Studtis Poort, which is the second pass when riding the Baviaanskloof from west to east. The page has logged over 20,000 views since we first published it and is the most popular of the 8 passes and poorts in the Baviaanskloof. We refilmed this lovely poort in 1080 HD on the new GoPro 6, which provides beautiful, crisp, stabilised footage. The poort was bone dry on the day of filming - and easily the driest of all the times we have driven through the kloof.

Here is the link to our Latest News page from where you can access the Studtis Poort page. It is free and unrestricted to all BMW Club members until Sunday evening. Enjoy!

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