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If you are FBOS, two things to remember : * '''STOP''', and * '''Life over Limb''' STOP means ... '''S:''' ''Stop'' ... don't rush into action mode you could cause MORE damage if you react without cool, calm and sensible behaviour. '''T:''' ''Think'' ... think about what to do next. HHH is the best approach. '''O:''' ''Observe'' ... what is going on, who is present, what are the dangers, exactly what is the patient's situation? '''P:''' ''Panic'' .... but do so '''''slowly''''' and with controlled behaviour. and HHH means '''H''' - ''Hazards'' - is there anything that will endanger ME? Next is there anything that will endanger the patient? If so sort that out first! Never forget Hepatitis and HIV - protect yourself with gloves and any other "barrier" device if there is blood or other body fluid present. '''H''' - ''Hello'' - is the patient responsive and conscious? If not - '''H''' - ''HELP!!!'' Get help! 082911 or 10177 for medical assistance - these are call centres so don't forget to tell them where you are! '''Life over Limb''' means that if a person is in danger of dying because they are not breathing, then broken bones and bleeding are of secondary importance - Help First then act as a Heart Lung Machine - provide CPR. If they are not in danger of dying ... stabilise the patient ... Spinal Stabilisation and immobilise broken (fractured) limbs. What's CPR, What's Spinal Stabilisation, How do you Immobilise fractures ... look for the next Tip of the Day - Andy, Brendan - your turn to chip in. We'll eventually combine these tips into a manual for members.


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