Starting a GS-911 Academy - What do you want to learn, and how much would you pay?

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Good day, all!

Pretty much as the subject line says.
I do technical documentation and videography for Hexcode (the manufacturers of the GS-911 and ezCAN CANBUS accessory manager).
We're in the early stages of starting up an online technical academy. The aim is to teach GS-911 owners, BMW enthusiasts and journeyman mechanics how to do BMW Motorrad-specific vehicle diagnostics and, in the process, fully exploit the capabilities of their GS-911.
Our curriculum is not exclusive to GS-911 owners. However, since it is GS-911-centric, you will only get the full benefit of it if you own a GS-911.

We're planning on presenting a range of four technical courses (running the gamut from 'Beginner' to 'Expert').
The aims are to A) make each enrolee a competent diagnostic technician, familiar with every feature of the GS-911 and able to use it to solve any relevant problem, and B) build a like-minded community of vehicle technicians who enrich the BMW Motorrad community with their knowledge and experience.

I want feedback from every mechanic, tinkerer, technical enthusiast and weekend bodger who reads this:

  • What technical aspects would you specifically want to learn from this series of courses, and
  • Bearing in mind that what's being offered is a complete technical curriculum in four parts, what would you be willing to pay for that curriculum? (Unfortunately, the answer can't be 'Nothing'... hundreds of hours are being put into creating and developing these courses.)

I look forward to hearing from you all!


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Hi Nicholas

As an owner of a GSS-911 I would love to learn more about the tool other than the routine fault finding and service facilities. So I for one would be keen in the training offered. As for cost I have no idea except that I would be happy to pay a reasonable going rate. Maybe you could do presentation of what you offer at one of the monthly club meetings


Carl Koch

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