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I almost always clean/wash our bikes at the top of my driveway.

All the dirt and mud and grime and soil that rinses off the bikes naturally runs down to drive to the road.

But due to a root that has distorted the gutter, a little depression has formed over the eyars.

This depression collects the sand and mud that ran off the bikes.

This little sump is a mixture of all the sand and mud that ever came off our bikes.

It is a snapshot sample of the gravel roads from all over South Africa.

A little sample of all the fun we have had exploring the many paths and roads that criss-cross SA.

Many many memories of all those rides lie in that sump - as many menories as there are grains of dirt.


Reminds me of our little ash jar. Emptied onto a new braai fire with friends and refilled from the ashes again later.....

An idea stolen from the very best of the time honored traditions of scouting.

At every scout campfire, before lighting the fire, the campfire master sprinkles all the ash from a sacred jar, thus infusing the fire with ashes from all the previous camp fires.

After this ceremony, the fire is lit in a spectacular way.

After the fire has burnt out or low, a sample of ashes is collected and the sacred jar is filled again, thus with one more campfire added to the many preceding it.

Ready for the next camp fire.

Campfires are special events with lots of ceremonies, traditions and stories and fellowship, all dating back to man's first quest for fire.

So before I get all misty all over again...

My little sump at the bottom of my driveway holds a whole host of special moments and memories shared with good companions... and it grows and grows with each succeeding adventure.



Anyone can ride a bike fast....   But can you ride your bike real slow???

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Great story Andy. The ash jar sound like a nice tradition to keep going.

Let it be.

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