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This post is aimed at SENA Bluetooth device owners and revolves around the regular firmware updates you should do.


On a Saturday night recently I spent two hours with the SENA online chat, trying to trouble shoot the Device Manager software ptoblems.

No matter which device, the software would never recognise them.
SENA has excellent online support, and a really excellent online chat support.

Tony was the agent who helped em eventually solve the problem.


Flying Brick and any other SENA agent take note of this please.


I was trying to update the firmware on my Bluetooth devices.
I had to eventually go back to an old unused computer.
Both attempts on updated 2019 digital computers failed after each and every trouble-shooting  item was performed and ticked off.

Clearly SENA technology lags quite far behind 2019 technology.

It was not a browser problem,

it was not a USB interface cable problem, Tested and it was been picked up by the computer

it was not a process problem.
it was not a device problem

Sadly (badly) it IS a problem with SENA Device Manager software.
The devices I tried (I had with me 6 SENA SR10 devices and two SMH 5-FM devices) None could be recognised on the 2019 laptops. Despite carefully checking each step, each process and all due diligence.
They all were recognised on initial attempt on the 2007 old laptop.
All are 64-bit devices, the old is a Core 5 and the two new laptops Core i7 boards 7th gen.

I do not have an Apple Mac (I’m not from that tribe) so cannot comment on Mac.



Tony prompted me to follow all the steps the online help suggested,

I had already run all these diagnostics, but he needed to be sure.

Tony was thorough, patient and …stumped!

He then suggested using another computer,

I did same results, uninstalling, re-installing Device Manager, etc.
then he asked if I had an old laptop nearby.

This Toshiba of mine was my mainline laptop back in 2007.

I dug it out, and resurrected it, it takes ages to boot up, ages to download SENA Device Manager and ages to initialise.

But it instantly recognised the Bluetooth device and although slow to do the firmware update, I was able to perform the update all the devices in turn, and then to do their factory reset.

Tony fed me the video links to helpful YouTube material.


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Andyman, Jun 8, 1:13 PM PDT:

Chat started: 2019-06-08 06:22 PM UTC

(06:22:22 PM) Andy Connell: SR10 hub, when connected to the device manager (MS 64bit system) the device is not recognised.
How do I overcome this?
(06:22:29 PM) *** Tony joined the chat ***
(06:22:34 PM) Tony: Hello, I am Tony, one of the Sena Technical Support representatives I will be assisting you today.
(06:22:42 PM) Tony: SR10 hub?
(06:23:04 PM) Tony: or device?
(06:23:14 PM) Andy Connell: Hi Tony, My goal is to do a firmware update.
The SENA SR10 Bluetooth hub
(06:23:21 PM) Andy Connell: Th hub
(06:24:27 PM) Tony: you mean the transmitter?
(06:24:36 PM) Tony: Agent uploaded: 1560018274000.png
Type: image/png
Size: 40700
(06:24:46 PM) Andy Connell: Do you have any suggestions Tony?
(06:25:08 PM) Tony: what is the error message?
(06:25:15 PM) Tony: failed to recognize device?
(06:25:37 PM) Andy Connell: correct, plus cannot recognise USB
(06:25:53 PM) Tony: Below are the common troubleshooting methods for device recognition issues.

•Make sure to use the USB cable that came with your Sena headset. This cable has a 90-degree bend at the end.
•Charge the headset main unit for at least one hour.
•That you are using the latest Sena Device Manager
•Do not use USB hubs. Instead use the computer’s built-in USB port.
•If you have several main units to update, make sure to only plug in one main unit at a time.
•Make sure that you computer's OS is up to date.
•Make sure that you have Administrator privilege.
•Try to uninstall and re-install the Sena Device Manager.
•Perhaps also say try a different USB port from 3.0 to 2.0 or vice versa.
•Try a different computer if available.
(06:26:13 PM) Andy Connell: reading them now...
(06:30:23 PM) Andy Connell: I have complied with all the points you shared with me, except to try a different computer.
(06:30:55 PM) Andy Connell: This laptop, has all other dongles removed, all four USB ports are not in use.
(06:31:15 PM) Andy Connell: I have tried the process in each port in succession.
(06:31:45 PM) Andy Connell: this is a very new 7th gen core i7 laptop
(06:32:47 PM) Andy Connell: so I'm now kinda run out of options.
I did re-install the device manager- 3.9.1
(06:32:48 PM) Tony: Andy, kindly check this YT link
(06:32:49 PM) Tony:
(06:33:04 PM) Tony: check if the USB check detects the unit
(06:33:14 PM) Tony: or updating the dpinst64 will work
(06:39:30 PM) Andy Connell: how do I check if the USB detects the unit?
(06:39:59 PM) Tony: by visiting the folder on the Sena device manager
(06:40:18 PM) Tony: it also shows on the video on how to do that.
(06:42:44 PM) Andy Connell: thanks, give me a few moments.
(06:42:47 PM) Tony: sure
(06:45:40 PM) Andy Connell: ok, it does detect my device
(06:46:10 PM) Tony: but on our Sena DM still won't detect?
(06:46:17 PM) Tony: how about the dpinst64?
(06:51:22 PM) Andy Connell: I’m following up on that one now with the YT video prompt
(06:51:30 PM) Tony: ok
(06:55:22 PM) Andy Connell: Tony,
I get a message that the wizard did not update any of the drivers because the software was no better than what is already installed.
(06:56:35 PM) Andy Connell: I have uninstalled and then reinstalled the device driver software.
(06:56:57 PM) Tony: then how was it?
(06:59:13 PM) Andy Connell: no change, the dpinst64 still gives a message that the wizard did not update the drivers.
(07:00:35 PM) Tony: can we try the first computer you used?
(07:00:47 PM) Tony: you said this is the 2nd computer you used to update the firmware correct?
(07:01:11 PM) Andy Connell: No, this is the only one used, but will try another computer
(07:02:28 PM) Tony: are you near on the second computer we can test?
(07:03:20 PM) Andy Connell: yes, I am downloading the device driver now
(07:05:57 PM) Andy Connell: same result Tony
(07:06:05 PM) Andy Connell: The USB is detected.
(07:07:03 PM) Andy Connell: But the wizard does not update because not update any of the drivers because the software was no better than what is already installed.
(07:07:17 PM) Tony: weird...
(07:07:32 PM) Tony: can you try these device manager please. it's an older version
(07:08:20 PM) Andy Connell: which one?
(07:08:49 PM) Andy Connell: Btw, I tried connecting a second SR10 and itis also not detected
(07:09:18 PM) Tony: sent it via email
(07:11:17 PM) Tony: did you receive the email?
(07:12:21 PM) Andy Connell: also fails to recognise device
(07:12:43 PM) Andy Connell: but does detect the device port
(07:13:05 PM) Andy Connell: I powered the unit once connected
(07:13:14 PM) Andy Connell: powered up
(07:15:04 PM) Andy Connell: does not recognise the other sR10 unit either
(07:15:43 PM) Andy Connell: I'm sure they have a good charge, how charged up should the unit be
(07:16:29 PM) Tony: this is weird
(07:16:43 PM) Tony: both SR10 is not working on both computers?
(07:16:54 PM) Andy Connell: yes, that’s correct
(07:17:01 PM) Tony: by any chance do you have an older computer? that we can test also?
(07:18:26 PM) Andy Connell: also does not recognise the SMH5
(07:18:43 PM) Andy Connell: I have an older slower computer and can try that
(07:19:08 PM) Tony: it's worth a shot
(07:19:53 PM) Andy Connell: ok
(07:20:04 PM) Andy Connell: I’m powering up the old slow Toshiba
(07:21:22 PM) Tony: ok
(07:28:02 PM) Tony: how was it?
(07:31:46 PM) Andy Connell: still downloading
(07:32:15 PM) Tony: I see ok. thank you for your reply.
(07:32:19 PM) Tony: please do update me
(07:34:20 PM) Andy Connell: will do, it will take a few minutes more
(07:50:37 PM) Andy Connell: Tony, it is updating the firmware on the one SR10 unit,
(07:50:47 PM) Tony: great
(07:50:51 PM) Andy Connell: no problems recognising and no problems updating
(07:50:52 PM) Tony: how many #?
(07:50:57 PM) Tony: I mean %?
(07:51:11 PM) Andy Connell: going past 6-%
(07:51:15 PM) Andy Connell: 60%
(07:51:23 PM) Tony: alright. nice
(07:51:31 PM) Tony: take note after updating the firmware
(07:51:40 PM) Tony: it's recommended to do a factory reset on the unit
(07:52:07 PM) Andy Connell: Ok, and that means re-paring them again with devices..
(07:52:22 PM) Tony: yes
(07:52:48 PM) Andy Connell: I see a YT video on how to do this.
(07:53:39 PM) Tony: alright then
(07:53:43 PM) Tony: glad it's now updating
(07:54:10 PM) Andy Connell: I'll go check and then start the next one updating


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Having done the firmware update I'm excited to report that once the headset has connected, then the phone, it no longer drops the phone out after the first call.

I often had to 'forget the device' and then re-pair them.

Anyone can ride a bike fast....   But can you ride your bike real slow???

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noted, Andy - thanks for the heads up and the detailed report - very professional, AND informative!

Chris & the Team

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