Sat 6 July Water crossing and self-rescue training - Durbanville

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2019/07/06 10:00

Sat 6 July Water crossing and self-rescue training - Durbanville

The BMWMCCC club training team have put together a formidable training session to equip you to handle water crossings and to give useful tips and tools on self-rescue in the outback’s.

Book online -  online booking form

Understanding the dynamics of water crossings is essential to the adventure out in our rural environment.

Understanding the dynamics of your bike and how to keep your adventure alive by using simple techniques and simple tools will enhance your outdoor experience.

Date                      : Saturday 6th July 2019

Time                      : from 10H00 onwards to 14H00

Venue                  : The Mosselbank crossing , Mellish in Durbanville


Less than 10 km from Durbanville

Come along with your bike or by car. 

Bring folding chairs to relax and to hang your gear off.

You can actively participate with your bike, or you can just get involved or even just attend and learn by watching.

The BMWMCCC social team will keep us fed with drinks and boerie rolls under the club gazebo -refreshments you can buy cash.

The crossing is closed to traffic due to the high water, so we will not be bothered much by other road users.


You will be allocated to one of three groups and each group will rotate from session to session.

Some recovery items will be available for sale.

 Cost to attend R170.00 per person



Book online -  online booking form

Payment confirms your booking.



Acc No: 500600 98602

Code:  201709


Reference : Your name + Selfrescue

 Items to be covered:

  • River crossings with water currents
  • Resurrecting a drowned bike.
  • The correct way to draw a bike across a water obstacle
  • Riding slowly, not fast through rivers
  • Hard-points for towing- theory and practical
  • Towing a bike – the dynamics, the Do’s, the Don’ts.
  • Rigging gear – plain and simple- tow ropes and sacrificial slings.
  • Securing a bike to a trailer the correct way – unsprung parts only.
  • Self rescue techniques, essential spares and tools
  • Self recovery using nature, basic principles of the lever and  rigging.



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