Sand/Cross Training Day - Back by popular demand - 26 June 2016 : Anura Vineyards

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BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND:  CROSS TRAINING DAY : 26 June 2016 - Anura Vineyards

As the Sand training day was so successful with some more requests to have another.  Well, the rain is staying away and the sand still soft and challenging.  Let's play and have fun.  This round a cross training day with SAND and FOREST Trails.

How daring are you?  Join us on this day as an exception on the year planner, specially for those who like adrenalin and test their skills or want to become more confident in sand and more!!

This training day is NOT suitable for novice off road riders.  Pillions are welcome to be the photographers.

So here goes:

  • Date: 26 June 2016
  • Time: 08:30 - registration/coffee
  • Starting time: 09:00 - theory
  • Venue: Anura Vineyards, Klapmuts (
  • Cost: R200.00 for paid up club members / R250.00 for non paid up members

Bring your own liquids and nibbles

Lunch or brewery visit after training will be for your OWN ACCOUNT.

Training will finish ± 13:00


  2. tyre pressures.
  3. suspension settings.
  4. body position for sand riding,
  5. mud section, narrow river crossing.
  6. sand tag race…slow race…sand gymkhana.
  7. cones riding.
  8. FOREST TRAIL RIDING: See pics of the terrain in earlier postings.
  9. Narrow track riding between trees.
  10. Uphill and downhill riding.
  11. Body positions for abovementioned areas.
  12. Downhill braking.

Depending on the size and/or experience of the groups, we will have 2 groups:   less- and more experienced groups.  Come and play....improve your skills...have and laugh. Get to know your and your bike's abilities....Bonding time.

 Let's get rolling. Reply to this posting OR Contact me on  OR contact John Carr directly on 021 888 4200 to be part of this fun day. 

Looking forward to be in touch.

Be safe


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Hi Anna-Marie

I'm in on Mr.Badger, and Matthew Oertel is in on Brenda Buttercup.  Thanks.

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Thanks Charles.  U and Matthew added to the list.  will be great so Brenda Buttercup again

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Hi as a novice can i come along and just observe?

Need to pick up tips


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Hi Anna-Marie,

Please add Zanie, Gerhard and Lance to the list. We always learn something new with each training day :) We went to go practice circles in the sand last weekend, it's a bit easier when the sand is compact and wet after the rain.



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Payment made for me and Matthew - looking forward to it.

Committee: Webmaster / Ride Captain

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Hi Anton, you are welcome to come and observe. Lots  of laughs are guaranteed. Looking forward to meet u

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