Sand Training - 7 Febr - Anura (fully booked)

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As it mid summer, the riding season open, time to wipe the cobwebs...there a need to catch up on some sand riding and to some introduce the idea of a sand patch out of the blue.

Join John Carr and Neels on a half day introduction to sand riding and loads of fun.

Date: 7 Febr

Time: 07:45 to start 08:00

Place: Anura Vineyards

Registration will be from 07:45 to 08:00

Coffee will be available at the restaurant for your own account.  

The sand area at the dam should be well exposed and we should have plenty to ride on.  We will put up the club gazebo for some shade.

The following will be covered on the day:

- general discussion on riding sand;

- theory;

- types of sand - wet, dry, hard packed, rutted;

- tyre pressures;

- hard / soft suspension settings;

- body position;

- stopping on sand; pulling away on sand; ways to get your bike out should u get stuck;

- how to pick your bike up in sand;

- how to react should u arrive at sand at speed, etc


If u are interested, the following:


R200.00 pp (R250.00 pp non-club members)

Please bring your own water and  nibbles to enjoy during breaks. We should be done by lunch time, but no official lunch booked with Anura.

To book contact John Carr at Donford Stellenbosch: or 

Bookings will close on 2 Febr.




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Oh... yes please :-)

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Thanks for all the interest shown so far.  the list is filling up.  Seems like it going to be heaps of fun.  Luckily my GS can conquer the sand only a problem when the rider in the seat, so I'll be the one with the camera.  

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Will the training cover sand riding with pillion?

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This will be an introduction to sand riding.  If you feel comfortable to bring your pillion, she welcome.  Cost for pillion couple will be R300.00.

Please indicate asap as we can only accommodate 2 more bikes.  thnks

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Thank you for the interest shown.  This training day is now fully booked.  Now for the fun to start.

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