SOLD : BMW 1150GS : R45k

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This bike is now in perfect running condition.  I am only selling because I now have a newer model. This is your chance to have the perfect off-road tourer.

The bike has just had a complete engine rebuild by BMW Donford Motorrad, and the engine is running sweetly.  It is tuned to perfection.

All major parts have been maintained or replaced, and the only damage currently is cosmetic (some scratches on the tank, rev-counter and normal wear and tear).


  • Mileage: 250 000km​
  • Model: 2001 BMW R1150GS
  • Price: R45 000 onco
  • Contact: Charles on 083 309 6079 or via this forum.
  • Extras:
    • LED bar spotlight (with switch)
    • Cigarette lighter plug on front fairing
    • New cam-chain guides (the cause of the rebuild)
    • New clutch (replaced as a preventative measure during the rebuild)
    • New piston rings
    • New fork joint links
    • New sight glass
    • New gaskets and seals
    • Resprayed pot tappet covers and front fairing
    • New crashbars
    • Recently refurbished throttle bodies
    • Recently replaced front brake disks
  • Maintenance:
    • Annual and 10 000km services done with Kingtek and BMW Motorrad as required.
    • ABS has been removed, as well as the catalytic converter (i.e. you are in charge of this bike, and you can use any petrol available when travelling up country).
    • Speedo was replaced and reads R75k under the actual mileage.
    • The left heated handgrip does not work.

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congrats! you had MANY happy memories on that bike, too!


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Great news.

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