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===STEP 1 : SAFETY=== Recognizing the dangerous situations and safety of the scene, depends on good scene assessment and management. The 4 S’s of Safety * Safety of yourself * Safety of the scene * Safety of any vehicles / equipment / machinery * Safety of the patient At the scene of any emergency, there could be any number of potential dangers / hazards present: * Body Fluids * Traffic * Fire / smoke * Trapped patients * Dangling power lines * Petrol / oil spillage on the road * Bystanders smoking * Gasses / poisonous fumes * Bombs * Building / structural collapses * Vehicles lying on their sides or roofs * Vehicles balancing on the edge of a cliff / motorway * Hazardous chemical spillage (liquid / powder) General Rules of Safety * Wear protection. Keep rubber gloves handy in your vehicle. * Do not allow bystanders to smoke where there is petrol / oil spillage on the road. * Do not roll vehicles lying on their roof or side onto their wheels again. * Do not touch vehicles that make contact with dangling power lines. * Do not enter a scene where there are gasses / poisonous fumes without the necessary protective equipment. * Do not enter a scene where there are hazardous chemicals (liquid / powder) spilt. * Stay upwind from the scene, protect the bystanders, do not smoke, and do not walk through the chemicals. * Use bystanders to assist with controlling traffic and crowds. * Switch off the ignition and withdraw the key to reduce the likelihood of sparks. * Inform the relevant authority: besides the ambulance services, the fire and rescue services will also need to be notified. * Do not move the casualty from a damaged vehicle if he / she is safe and stable where he / she is. * Only move a casualty from a vehicle if it can be done safely or if his / her life is at risk.


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Motorsport is inherently dangerous.  As per paragraph 9 of the club constitution, the club shall not be held liable for any loss, injury or death of any member or guest, howsoever arising.

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