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Hi Guys... Can anybody who has been on Ronnie's sand course give me an impression as to what goes on and how much they had improved or not improved....etc, comments etcsmiley

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I did the Rough and Ready intro sand course a number of years ago.

It is a good intro course.  It dealt with the theory of riding in sand and then practical riding in progressively deeper and softer sand. It helped me a lot.

I also did the Countytrax 3 day sand course. It is an excellent course but not for beginners.

All training is good and Rough and Ready is a good place to begin.

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Hi Dave

Sand riding is the combination of many bike-riding skills - including all the basics like cones, standing start etc.  The Country Trax approach is to hone the basics and transfer that to sand.  You also do an afternoon of sand riding during the intermediate weekend course.  My strategy would be to do the Country Trax intermediate course to cement the basics, and also to qualify for the advanced sand-riding weekend in May every year.

Then do the advanced sand riding weekend and never have to worry about sand again.

There is no substitute for experience though - so throw in Ronnie's course as well and you will be a sand master by May 2016.

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Hi Dave

We at "Rough and Ready" are having a Introduction to sand Riding on the 25th of this month! Give us a call and try it out! Its a great way to enjoy a Sunday!

Biker greetings.



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