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The build-up to attend this RITV 2017 started in June 2016, already, as when the registrations opened, at a discounted price, and yes, most of us registered as it not negotiable if we will attend or not. Once that done, it was an on ongoing topic between us girls and the excitement started.

To get the BMW’s ready to shine and for action, we were very fortunate to be connected with a dealership that understand our needs and support us girls to be safe on the road.  The Pampering morning (4 February 2017) at Donford Stellenbosch was a brilliant idea and it made  us girls feel at ease to tackle the open road to attend the event in Robertson.   

Lining op for TLC - the GS's:

Shop Talk and introduction to the Donford Team

Some happy faces

The TLC part and a dedicated workshop team

Fancy catering and a different type of TLC


Some t-shirts made as an initiative of Magda le Roux and sponsored buffs for the girls from Flying Brick, Chris Grinton, were some of the spoils before we left for the Rally.  Thank you, again, Chris for your initiative to advertise the Rally in your business and the gifts.

The girls really got excited the last week before the Rally and we tried to make a plan to accommodate a couple of more BMW girls when we attended the BMW Motorrad Club Cape monthly meeting.  Unfortunately some had to cancel although registered and we tried to fill their spots.  A pity some had to cancel due to personal/health reasons.  But the girls were ready to rock n roll!! We hope to see all that missed out this round in 2018.

With the final arrangements done with Donford Stellenbosch regarding the back-up bakkie;  driver;  loading of luggage, club gazebo, table, club flags and some last minute add on’s we met at the Engen, Winelands, N1-outgoing before 14:00, 24 Feb. 2017.  It’s Rally time.  It’s a Friday and the roads are busy. Without saying, we hit the road and took Du Toitskloof Pass as a “losmaker”.  We were shocked by the damages of the recent fires.

The rest of the weekend is history and as said: What happens on a Rally, stays on the Rally, but there are a few highlights to be mentioned. Some touched our hearts and we experienced emotions and blessings that is synonym with this event.  

From my side the following thank you’s: 

  • Thank you to the girls that joined and for your good riding discipline, safety first, caring, cameraderie, laughs, Jenny’s melktertjies, Magda being the braaimaster, being sporty to join in the fun and games (yes next year we will be more prepared for the Tuck/War (toutrek), the riders that took the rides at the Institute of the Blind, interaction, neatness of the campsite,  good behaviour and all the fun in the pool.  It a pleasure to organise this for you, ladies.  We are a special group.

Getting ready for the mass ride to Worcester

Skinny van Schalkwyk


Some very girlie like bikes but it is a Girls Rally afterall.

Institute for the Blind, Worcester...this chap can't wait for the Ladies to visit each year.  He a very enthusiast bike lover

Some rides to the special people of the Institute

Us GS Girls 


  • The Donford, Stellenbosch, team that is always willing to assist.  Our butler/mechanic/driver a star to help with luggage and setting up the campsite.  Yes, this year he got promoted to a mechanic as some girls had mechanical problems on arrival at the campsite.  Immediately a plan of action from the Donford Team and a battery delivered before dark.  An extra thank you to Eugene and John for being pro-active in saving  Helani’s weekend. On Sunday morning a GS from Mosselbay didn’t want to start, but luckily our driver arrived and sorted the problem for the lady in no time. Then it was time to break the camp and Kwagga (Shane Jooste) tackled it and it was done in no time.  We feel safe and taken care of with you around, nothing too much to attend to (eg an extra lead, a phone call, moving the bikes, helping it start, mr photographer, this/that) Thank you Donford, Stellenbosch, for your involvement and being our back-up!  


  • Then the amazing organization of the Ladybikerssa-team.  WOW!!  What can we say.  What an event and it was great to have the Cancervive ladies there again.  Janie du Plessis, Freda vd Merwe and their team are so inspirational.  The stalls, sponsors of vouchers to be enjoyed and yes we did enjoy Four Cousins, entertainers,  displays, activities and most of all the mass ride to the Institute of the Blind.  What an eye-opener.   It hard to describe.  We are so blessed and realised again how we are taking every day life for granted!  The entertainment and inter action with them and their caretakers, the rides, music and getting to understand their world, was an experience to carry in once heart.

Some of the sponsors of the weekend....everyone used their vouchers to this treat


Some of the Cancervive team posing with BMW girls.  SuperSpar Robertson being a sponsor of the Rally

  • Last, but not least: CONGRATULATIONS GIRLS.  Wow, to be announced as the BEST PRESENTED CLUB and won the floating trophy….what a surprise and yes you deserve that as it not only about the best presented club.   To me it was all about the journey and build up to the rally, the behaviour, the “gees”, to be a proud owner of a BMW motorcycle,  inter actions and having fun, to enjoy life and how we Make Life a Ride in so many ways.  AND it was time to take the trophy from the Harley Girls. I’m fortunate and proud to be part of such a group of lady riders. We will make a decision what to do with the trophy, soon.  It a beautiful piece. Congrats to Magda le Roux for winning the category for BEST DUAL PURPOSE BIKE of the weekend. For Sure that shiny 1200 GS made us all proud.  U rock Mags.

Girls just wanna have fun


Annalise from Ladybikers SA, 1 of the organisers.

Well done!! Watch that huge smile on a certain 1200GS and the silver trophy 

Let’s not stop now, but carry on to build on 2017 experiences.  We have a year to prepare for another RITV and someone whispered in my ear that it’s going to be an event of note. 

Keep the wheels turning and roll out the camaraderie.

*Winner of the Ruslamere Trip Report of the Month award Apr 2017.

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Nice RR, en mooi foto's. Lyk of julle 'n great tyd gehad het,volgende keer is ekke ook daar.
Joined: 2012/09/12

Wat n ongelooflike lekker naweek was dit nie! Ons het behoorlik soos dames gevoel.  

Dankie vir elkeen se teenwoordigheid wat gehelp het om dit n onvergeetlike tyd te maak.  Die swem (ek het vir julle water gespaar in die bad deur op die kant tesit), die Wine tasting, toutrek (Dames ons moet oefen, volg jaar is hy ook BMW sin saam met die Beker).  Die bymekaar kuier om die vuur en sommer nonsens praat soos ons vrouens kan (Jenny wat my nagereg se vulsel uitskep en net die leë pot vir op tafel los).  Kry daai spaarvarkie uit en begin spaar.  Volgende jaar is ons almal terug met al ons Gees.

Dankie Anna vir die trip report dink jy kan sommer maar die beker ook kry! 

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