Riebeeck Kasteel Brekkie Ride

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I honestly didn’t know what to expect on this ride.  The last time I did a breakfast run with the BMW Club was in 2012 when I was still (a) “roofkyker” / illegal immigrant /non-member and (b) a rookie with an attitude.  Since then I see myself more as a solo-free-rider. I’ve joined many rides with other groups and club riders since then.  Some left me frustrated while others with good memories.  My last group ride left me with a very eina left arm after a few of us just… fell.  So big groups and me… nah!  


That being said, I was way too curious to meet the Polish guy on an 800 doing the African continent and see if he could fit a dressing table on the bike as well. Lukasz and Marta, was a pleasure to meet you. Sadly, we couldn’t fit the dressing table.  Stay safe on your travels!


As the group of riders got bigger and bigger, I carefully asked Garry if there are three groups meeting here?  “Just wait and see.”, he said.


So just after 08h30, around 25 to 30 bikes left for Café Felix in Riebeeck Kasteel, heading north on the N1 and Du Toitskloof pass.  There we encountered a fallen rider from another group and stopped to assist. It was also a cool excuse to stretch legs and get the “damn, my nerves in the corners”… “geeze it is cold” out … but you will never hear things like “how far to the brekkie place?”.  We were all in good spirits and Garry maintained a good pace for rookies as well as experienced riders.  And guess what, the group actually stayed in staggered formation…


We then headed over Slanghoek Valley and I swear I could see Garry getting ice chills worrying about whether the little stream is in flood or not.  The gods were on his side… we then turned and changed  direction towards Ceres and before it, we turned off again toward Riebeeck Kasteel.  It was a picture perfect day and to see the green valleys and the odd flower blooming in the sun, was absolute bliss.  When Cape Town gives a sunny winter’s day, one better grab the opportunity with both hands!


Café Felix was perfect.  Tables were prepped for us and Lientjie… not really used to that kind of welcome, thought we were crashing a wedding. Breakfast was served timeously and the coffee deserves an award!  After that we were spoilt on beer tasting at Garagista Beer and Co.


I strongly recommend breakfast rides with the BMW Club.  The rides are suitable for all kinds of riders and bikes and it is good opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones.


Ride safe and remember… it doesn’t matter what you ride, but THAT you ride!



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Joined: 2012/04/02

Thank you Garry!




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Joined: 2017/06/27

Well done Lenie. Very entertaining report. Keep it up

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