Riders years of experience

Hi, my name is Des Pearson. I recently relocated from Gauteng to the Strand. I love riding, unfortunately most of it has been on tar and want to learn more about off road and adventure riding. I enjoy one nighters and weekenders with far riding.

i'm a motorcycle enthusiast, having owned sport,motocross and cruising bikes. New to CT and wanting to join like minded enthusiasts.

I have been riding motorcycle on and off since I got my first Chinese motorcycle 11 years ago, but never had a license (just kept on renewing my learners every 2 years), Few months ago I got a 1982 R100RT that has been standing a couple of years. I enjoy all things DIY and this is a little project of mine.

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Hi my name is Theo and I started riding again after a very long break. Bought a Z13 Kawasaki in 2004 and really enjoyed being back on a bike. In 2009 I bought a K1200GT (flying brick) and in 2010 I finally decided that gravel roads were the better option and I got that F800GS that I've been drooling over. My wife Emmie then wanted her own bike so she has the 650 Xcountry and enjoys it.

Rode baby blade for past 4 years and now switched to ds. Looking forward to doing breakfast runs and going off road. Married to a wonderful woman and have 3 kids, youngest 7 years old.

Good Morning Everyone,

Pretty excited to join on some rides around Cape Town. My name is Steven and new to Adventure Biking. Its true what they say, the older you get the more adventure you seek.

Hope to see everyone soon.


Looking for a good bike

Real name Nico I am a tourguide/operator. I also own a 1986 K75S but have always wanted a GS. I mainly use the GS as extra transport to dodge traffic, also like to do longer rides on the weekends. Not geared for offroad so I mainly keep to tar.

Hi all. I am Kenneth Uren. 50 year old teacher living in Robertson. Married to Michelle, the love of my life. Took up motorcycling 6 years ago. Bought an Africa Twin 750, but was eyeing a GS 1200 since then. A week ago my dream came true when I bought my dream bike. I love the outdoors and going on outrides. 

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I use the bike as a daily commute come sunshine or rain, I can't bear to sit in traffic. Have had the BM for about a year and have not ventured out on any long rides yet, so am looking forward to signing up for some adventure.
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My name's Dave. I live in Tokai Cape Town - have two boys. The one is bike crazy. I love touring the Karoo and the Tankwa region. Just waiting on delivery of my water cooled 1200.


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