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I am Anna-Marie,previously from The Back-up vehicle and wife of Neels. We have recently bought ourselves R1150GS's and in future we will be riding out there in the dust with you guys and girls. Gone are the days of luxuries in an aircon environment. However, at the meetings we will still be at the back....of the BAR, picking up any lost personalities. This we will gladly return the following day.In the meantime I don't know, yet, if I'm brave or stupid in tackling this wild horse....but its fun
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BR1100RT - Road Bike

One of the most popular police bikes in the world          

Enjoying the road and accumulating tar mileage 

My wife - Dalene enjoying the scenery.

I am a Western Cape/Garden Route Registered Tour Guide -

Qualifying as a National Tour Guide. 

I Look forward to connecting with you on the road

Derek - Fish Hoek

083 561 8357


I'm a hard working guy that started riding motorcycle and finding absolute calm.

My real name is Gerhardus (Hardie) Philippus du Preez

I am married with 3 children. Since starting riding on a Kawasaki AE80 during my final year in high school, my son (Hentian) initiated a father and son biking experience.

Currently my biking is limited to commuting to my workplace and back between Vredenburg and Langebaan, but am looking forward to hopefully many enjoyable and memorable km's of trips with my son.

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Newbie, first get to grips with tar riding, then hitting the gravel!!! When I'm not making wine I'm hunting the coast for waves. Jean
Haven't ridden for many years, and it's time to get going again...
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After 10+ years as a pillion (R1200GSA)) it was time to get my own bike, which I did and she is truly beautiful - Black Beauty! A few side-stand incidents later; BMW Motorrad Refresher and Skills Proficiency & Safety courses under my belt; and, bum-time in the seat with the mileage slowing climbing, gravel and sand do definitely call.... But, being still over-confident and inexperienced, I need to be patient and pay my dues on tar. Spoilt by having previously been a member of the BMWMCCC, I long to return ..... One Day! In the meantime, there are many Gauteng and surrounding roads less travelled and I am having the ride of my life!
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Looking for adventures to break the daily grind. The thought of bike, open roads, starry nights and difficult terrain is just what the doc ordered. Home Automation and Cinema specialist by day.

I bought a bike in January as I wanted to add more adventure to my life.  I have really been enjoying riding and learning the bike over the last 5 months and I think that by joining the club and riding with fellow like minded individuals will take that enjoyment to the next level. 

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Rikus Badenhorst, owner of Battery Centre Mitchells Plain, live in Stellenbosch with my wife Natalie and two teenage daughters. Owned a bike as a teenager and decided after 28 years, its time to ride again. Want to see what I've been missing....

My Fiance bought our GS last year and we have been on the road every weekend since then. It has been an absolute pleasure and honor to explore our breath taking province. 

Our names are Motti and Reinette. We do not like going off road and only do so when we absolutely have to, to get to little farm stalls and such. Otherwise we prefer the stunning and smooth tar roads. 

Our mission now is to meet like minded enthusiasts and have more fun exploring with other riders. 

My motorcycle journey started as a youngster on my mom and dad's Honda Mini Trail (49cc).  Long weekends and some holidays we would go to De Aar where my great uncle and aunt farmed and I would live on the  monkey bike.

I rode little bits here and there after leaving school but nothing major.  When I turned 40 in July this year (2016) I finally bought my motorbike and am truly loving it.  The ultimate goal is to ride from Cape Town to Europe so I need lot's of time in the saddle and definitely to move into some trickier riding.

I'm moving from Pretoria to Somerset West on Thursday 1 December, and although my bike will only come down in January (road trip from Pretoria through Northern Cape and down the West Coast to the Cape), I can't wait to start exploring the Western Cape and beyond.






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