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Riding a bit of fun enduro with my teenage sons rekindled my interest in bikes. Decided to get a bigger bike so settled on a 2011 R1200GSA. Very much a beginner in the dualsport scene.
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Born 18/09/1939 rode BSA golden flash before family and three kids put that to rest. Acquired the R65LS when my second childhood caught up with me about 10 years ago. Family are all sailors and good at it so I can sneak off and ride my bike now and then!

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My name is Timothy Reid. I am 41 years old and married with 2 kids.

I had a TZR 50 when I was at school. After I left school I had a KLR 650 for 2 years which I sold.

I haven't been on a bike for the last 20 years but always yearned to get one again. So last year I took the plunge and bought a pre owned 2018 BMW F800 GS Adventure which I am absolutely loving.

I want to do more off road based riding and have already enrolled for my first Country Trax training session in March and am planning on doing the next course in June in Touws River.




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Recently moved to a 1200GS after a few years learning on a Dakar. Never thought I'd be able to handle the extra weight, but so far so good! My favourite riding is on a good dirt road far away from anywhere.
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I am an ex-offroad and enduro Western Province Champ; achieved on smaller bikes like the KTM 200 and Husqvarna 250TE and have swapped those dirty and exhilarating days for life on a BMW...

I have not looked back once, after getting hooked on Adventure riding! 

I went from a GS650 (which I rode for 3 months only), to an upgraded version, the F800 and after owning 2 of them I haven't needed any other till I just recently found and bought my 4th BMW and my dream bike...

The BMW F800 GSA and I am loving every second I am riding, while smiling from ear to ear!


I'm Hannes, IT guy that's a bit of a petrolhead.  Have been riding bikes since I was 10, took a hiatus when I could drive cars at 18.  Started riding again 6 years ago.  I'm the slow-poke on rides and prefer to stick to the speed limit.

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Hi All

My name is Christo vd Merwe fom Durbanville. I just recently bought a GSA1200 after having sold my GS800 some 2.5 years ago and just had to get back into the adventure biking thing again.

It will be awesome to meet up with like-minded people again.



Hi my name is Mark, I am looking for some tours on dirt mainly farm

roads to meet new people and have new experiences.

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Hi, Kenya is home from where I run a safari business based out of Nairobi . Many decades ago, I rode an XT 500 . Great bike & ultra reliable . Time to get back into the saddle so am enjoying the GS 1200. The riding options within SA are exciting leading to adventures further a field!

My wife and I only moved to the Western Cape 6 weeks  ago. We originate from England but lived in Austria for the last 8 years. I started riding about 35 years ago and after a very long break, started again about 4 years ago to enjoy the fantastic mountain roads in Austria. 

I had never ridden a BMW before arriving here but I am very impressed with the 1200GS and look forward to exploring the Western Cape ( and perhaps beyond) and meeting new friends.

I am currently still awaiting my Traffic Register Number ( a very slow process it seems) but hope to be ‘on the road’ soon.

My name is Hein Bredenkamp, I am retired and live in Durbanville. I bought my first bike about 6 years ago and taught myself to a large extent to ride. I am riding mostly on tar and would like to do some training to learn how to get the most out of my bike. This together with doing some outrides is the reason I want to join the club.

Female older rider enjoying biking

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Hi. I am Gideon. Born and bred in Southwest Africa, now known as Namibia. Spend some years in KZN and for the last 21 years in Cape Town.  Love riding motorcycles, 4x4 and camp as often as possible. I am new to adventure biking.  Have fun, enjoy life while you can. 

Recently relocated back to CT after a stint of 6 plus years in Gauteng. Enjoy touring and more recently keen to explore off road. Started biking many years ago on a Honda 500XL thumper but stopped while children were young. Enjoy the odd excursion to re-explore the Cape.


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