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Recently retired after 40 years as a banker. I am now looking to enjoy the outdoors more than before. Riding now for 36 months and loving it. Wife not interested. Upgraded to 1200GSA from F800GS in Aug 2015.Dec 2015-officially no longer an "Off-Road Beginner" - that stuff is addictive.

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I seem to collect things with two wheels. I've cycled since I can remember and really enjoy mountain biking. I bought an electric bicycle in 2012. I bought my first and current motorbike in Oct 2013, as I was tired of sitting pillion or sitting in traffic. My name is Zanie Cilliers.
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Hi, Tian here. Got my first BMW (an R75/5) at the tender age of 19 in 1986 ... always loved 'em! Had another Beemer (R100) but no bikes in my life for about 15 years - started again at the beginning of 2009 with my shiny new 800gs, and this is my first foray off-road, hence the 1-2 years experience level. Update (April 2011): after an incident with a cage my 800gs got written off. HP2 is my new bike.
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Jimmie Louw. Like the outdoors. Married 3 daughters m

Hi Everyone,

Too much tar, not enough gravel. Looking for mates to hit the trails with, and hopefully learn a few things from the club.

Looking forward to meeting you all.



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Female Rider

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I moved back to SA 3 years ago and have decided to do adventure rides on my GS (800). As a trail runner it would be nice to meet other adventurers that appreciate running in the wild, while out on an riding adventure.

Good day, I've been riding for about 3 years. I'm just looking for advice and saw some good dialog here.

New GS owner haven't ridden in years just getting back on I am a semi pro photographer, a scuba instructor and also a Primary and Secondary Care (adv first aid) Instructor. Work in a stressful industry and am always looking for escapes And Yes Shannon is my real name ..
Hi My name is Morne Louwrens and am married to Mieke Louwrens. I bought the bike 2 weeks ago and would like to be part of your club. Best Regards Morne Louwrens

Hi I am Leon

Self Employed, 51 years old, married and have 3 children. I play guitar and sing around campfires. Enjoy camping and touring.

Not experienced biker. I only started riding 8 years ago in which I did not do more than 12000kms. Enjoy gravel but still scared. I want to spend more time on the bike and hopefully get rid of my fears. 

I have done the level 1 training with John Carr.






Greetings Club Members

My name is Herman Bok, I live in Durbanville and and I am a keen motorcycle rider and fan.  I am in my 50's and have only started riding about 3 years ago.  I am married to Gavin Drake, who is also a motorcycle fan.  He does not have his own bike as yet, but rides with me as a passenger sometimes.  I have two adult daughters, one living in Durbanville and the other in Johannesburg.

My first bike, and the bike I basically learnt to ride on, was a BMW 700 GS.  I chose the smaller bike at the time as it was less intimidating for a new rider, and it was fairly light and easy to ride.   I have since traded it on a new 1200 GS LC and I could not be happier with it.

My aim for this year is to join the club on a few rides, and also learn to ride "off road", as I have only been riding on tar roads up to now.  I will have to attend some training courses before I attempt any serious "off road" riding, I am sure.  

I look forward to meeting you all.




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