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I seem to collect things with two wheels. I've cycled since I can remember and really enjoy mountain biking. I bought an electric bicycle in 2012. I bought my first motorbike (BMW650GS) in 2013, as I was tired of sitting pillion or sitting in traffic. My current bike, acquired in 2018, is a Honda 250L Rally; bought due to my changing needs from a bike: a lighter bike, good for commuting and exploring the lesser-known trails. My name is Zanie Cilliers.

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I moved back to SA 3 years ago and have decided to do adventure rides on my GS (800). As a trail runner it would be nice to meet other adventurers that appreciate running in the wild, while out on an riding adventure.
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Recently retired after 40 years as a banker. I am now looking to enjoy the outdoors more than before. Riding now for 36 months and loving it. Wife not interested. Upgraded to 1200GSA from F800GS in Aug 2015.Dec 2015-officially no longer an "Off-Road Beginner" - that stuff is addictive.

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Jimmie Louw. Like the outdoors. Married 3 daughters m

Hi All
Previously a Suzuki DL VStrom rider, i take delivery of my 2016 F800 GSA on the 19/02/2019.
I am friends with many members of your club including Mike and Wendy Henderson, Ed Dawson. Ed pointed me in this direction and told me this would be an awesome community to join. 
I have 3 years experience on the strom, but consider myself a complete novice when it comes to proper off road bikes. Looking forward to learning so much about these bikes and improve my riding!


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New to adventure bikes. Looking forward to doing long-distance trips, learn and do off-road trips around our country and ultimately beyond. Excited for the journey ahead! 

Hi, I recently bought a GS850 and am loving riding it in the Cape. I have a wife Jan and daughter Grace. I enjoy riding off the main road through interesting and scenic places enjoying the beautiful country we live in. I am interested in joining a club to meet other riders and going on day trips with the club. Thanks Craig

Hi Everyone,

Too much tar, not enough gravel. Looking for mates to hit the trails with, and hopefully learn a few things from the club.

Looking forward to meeting you all.



I started riding about 3 years ago.  My husband is the experienced owner of a Aprilia 650.  I want to get experience on gravel roads as I mostly commute to my work and back, about 13km away.  I did ride my in-law's bmw 750 for about 250km and enjoyed it.

Please send more details of the Greyton off road event when available.

Thanks and regards, Joan.

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I love beautiful motorbikes, fast cars and American long nose trucks. I am a "Tomboy" and love adventure, hiking, biking and camping. I hate shopping!  The only exception is buying hiking, biking or camping kit! 

When I was 5 years old I told my Mom "When I am big, I am going to drive trucks across America".  When I was 19 years old I had the opportunity to learn to drive Code 14 trucks (articulated vehicles exceeding 25 tons).  My Mom encouraged me to grab this opportunity and reminded me of my dream as a 5 year old.  In 2 years I personally drove trucks with interlink refrigerated units and curtain sider trailers over 20000km across South African and Namibia with friends on my learners licence. I travelled a lot more kilometres as a passenger.

I have wanted a motorbike since I was 13 years old, after watching the 500cc Motorcycle Grand Prix and Wayne Rainey tearing up the track.  Also loved watching Ayrton Senna racing Formula One until that fateful day 1 May 1994 at the San Marino Grand Prix when he was no more :'( I couldn't watch another Grand Prix after that until I saw a documentary on Lewis Hamilton in January of 2007. He would start his Formula One career in March 2007. I decided I would be rooting for this young racing driver. 

I rode my Yamaha Sygnis Scooter everyday for a year while living in the UK, in all weather including rain, hail, sleet and snow, so I know what it's like to get reeeeaaaaallly cold on 2 wheels.  Riding on icy/snowy roads with 2 wheels made things very interesting. I now try to avoid riding in wet and miserable weather as I experienced enough of that for a lifetime.

I chose to get Storm my 150cc motorbike as my first bike, so that I could learn, build up skill and confidence before riding bigger bikes. Storm and I have done 25800km together in 2 years and 9 months. We even did 550km in a day from Cape Town to Meiringspoort (beyond Oudtshoorn).  Storm has very road tyres but we were blessed to have successfully ridden the 3 gravel passes above Citrusdal on the R303 - Elandskloof, Middelberg & Buffelshoek passes (42km on gravel there and back) - in April 2018

I had the pleasure of doing 3271km on the Sexy Beast (1600cc BMW) in 2 months including two solo trips of 967km & 700kms. This proved to me how much confidence I had built up on Storm my 150cc.

I recently passed the 30000km mark riding bikes in the last 2 years & 9 months.

My heart's desire is to explore the dirt roads and passes of South Africa and beyond. Meerkat has now made that possible.  I can't wait to attend Offroad training.

Let the adventure continue and the offroad adventure begin!

Hi My name is Morne Louwrens and am married to Mieke Louwrens. I bought the bike 2 weeks ago and would like to be part of your club. Best Regards Morne Louwrens
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Hi, Tian here. Got my first BMW (an R75/5) at the tender age of 19 in 1986 ... always loved 'em! Had another Beemer (R100) but no bikes in my life for about 15 years - started again at the beginning of 2009 with my shiny new 800gs, and this is my first foray off-road, hence the 1-2 years experience level. Update (April 2011): after an incident with a cage my 800gs got written off. HP2 is my new bike.

I am married and have two kids. My daughter (the eldest) is doing her articles after completing her degree and entry board exam. My son is doing an internship at Hill Song Church.

I work for the City of Cape Town

I have been riding bikes from school till the kids came along. Then I started riding quad bikes as a family adventure for a few years.

After selling my quads, i bought my adventure bike just over 2 years ago and enjoying it big time



I am Neil Wilshere, 63 years old and live in Strand. Got back onto a motorbike after a long absence (family/career etc!). Have had a lot of enjoyment first on a Triumph Thunderbird cruiser, then a KLR 650 and now the GS. 

My family is grown up, but parts of me are not! So whilst we run a family business I get time off and even get the company of my wife Estelle on the pillion from time to time. Hope to improve my riding skills to do some off road adventure riding and see new parts of the country on two wheels.

After a near 30 year hiatus from motorcycling, a trip through the Karoo on a 650 Dakar in 2006 made me realize what I had been missing. I bought myself an F800GS, followed by a 2007 1200GS and currently the new water-cooled 1200GS. Remarried in Dec '12, our honeymoon, naturally, took us throughout the Klein Karoo on the bike!!

Danie Malan. Work for Old Mutual Finance. Love sport and outdoor stuff. 

I have been riding for a few years, no experience off road, but enjoy the bike I have.

Look forward to joining in the activities that are offered by the club, as time permits.


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