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Newby from the Northern suburbs - with a lot to learn
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After years of dreaming about riding a R 1200 GS Adventure I recently was blessed with one. It is everything that I dreamt about and more. I am the Southern Provinces Area Manager at the Unashamedly Ethical campaign, where I am privileged enough to live out my calling and passion. I have a teenage son and two beautiful daughters. My other passions are sport shooting and hunting, and I am an avid firearm enthusiast that holds dedicated hunter and dedicated sport shooter status.

I am Hannarie and I am a pillion, and Gerald is riding the bike.

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My desire is to own a bike by 2016. Currently I'm an active pillion. Enjoying rides with my friend on his GS 1150.

Real name: Jason 


Starting on a new adventure by taking bike lessons, getting a license and riding as often as I can.

My interest are out doors, health, travel, current affairs and networking business.

Hopeto have some interesting chats and rides,


Morning all,

I'm a retreaded biker feeling my way. Last rode in the '70s (gad) and I'm now taking time to get used to the bike, more traffic and all the torque! Once that's sorted, I'm looking to do some gravel and make new mates.


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Hi my name is George Stanley and I am a novice bike rider as it's been a long time since I have been on a bike. Reason for wanting to ride again is to meet up with new people and make new friends. And to get out on the weekends to have a good time. 

Hi, you can call me Mark. I don't' have second names although I nearly had the name Andries Gustaaf Stefanus, but my mom informed my dad that she did not feel it was right for me. Apparently I was born slightly under weight and she believed I did not require any additional reason to be teased.

I can also be called "Crash", but that is not a reflection of my driving skills... to be fair I did drop my bike already... but that's why i added the drop bars. It's like my wife's car's bumper, it is full of knocks and scratches and her defense is that it is called a bumper... it's made to bump things.

The name Crash is my gaming name and came about long ago that I had the the worst, what ever parts I could get for cheap, PC. Nothing worked well together and as the name suggest, was very prone to crashing. But that also helped me gain the skills to fix PC related issues and now I work in IT as a Server Engineer.

Rode bikes when I was much younger and recently started again after almost 20 year gap. Did have a scooter about 10 years ago that I rode for a year to commute to work and back, but it was a tiny 125cc so I cant really count it. Unless no one was looking, then it counts.

Born and bred in the Cape and although having to move to other locations when I was younger and for work, always found a way to come back. Been back for 5 years after a 3 year stint in JHB. It was very refreshing seeing Table mountain and finally having a sense of direction again.

Married for 7 year with no children yet, but they say practice makes perfect. In the meantime my wife has increased the cat count in the house as time goes by, so we live with 5 cats and a large dog. To be fair, some of the cats were not ours but used to be family's who moved. I say moved, by that I mean moved out of our house and in some cases, the cats were better company so no hard feelings that they stayed.

I have a Yin-Yang sense of humor, by that it is light with a bit of dark and other times very dark with a bit of light. I was also raised in a family that is very witty with sharp remarks and although nowhere near the god level of my aunt with regards to comebacks, will try keep up with a good round of banter.

As for the riding itself, I would call myself Novice at best as I can ride but as my other friends explains, fall behind on the corners and only catch up again on the straights. Furthest road trip so far was to Hermanus and back but hoping to change that as i get more experience.




My name is Francois.

37 Years old.

Married to a beautiful wife.


Hi, my name is Anroux and I am a Marketing Manager in Fruit Exports. I live in Paarl with my Wife and I am 41 years old. Have owned my first GSA for about 2 months know and enjoy every minute.

Hello everyone!

Am 26 years old and have lived in Cape Town my whole life.

Novice to motorcycling - started off riding an old Honda 125 on dirt roads at a friend's holiday home up the West Coast numerous times. Biking-bug bit me and went on the search for a bike. Got the new G310 GS in September 2018.

Looking forward to gain more confidence and always strive to improve my skills.

I try and ride around the block every moment I can (some might have seen me around Rondebosch (bike is parked at work)).

Mostly into leisure/adventure and not commuting i.e. doing weekend breakfast runs and maybe venture into multi-day/off-road trips later on.

Live in Milnerton. I enjoy rock climbing at City Rock. I try and go camping each quarter.


Very very new to motorcycling. Last rode a motorbike back in varsity days (1992). Got bike for commuting to/from work but also for weekend socializing/adventure. Looking forward to  group rides and possibly some multi-day tours.

Best regards

Andre April



after 20 years i have decided to climb back on the bike and i am enjoying every moment. bought the bike 2 months ago at donford stellenbosch and just loving it. working as a marketing manager at a small winery in montagu and what a nice place. hope to see you here.


happy biking


Coming back to riding after 50 years! Last rode a BSA 250, then a Norton Featherbed while I was at University in England.

I’m now semi-retired, and I got the itch again, fancied the South African open roads, and came across a beauty of a BMW tourer.

Everybody thinks I’m crazy, but I don’t see why you have to grow up...



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