Riders years of experience


Starting on a new adventure by taking bike lessons, getting a license and riding as often as I can.

My interest are out doors, health, travel, current affairs and networking business.

Hopeto have some interesting chats and rides,


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After years of dreaming about riding a R 1200 GS Adventure I recently was blessed with one. It is everything that I dreamt about and more. I am the Southern Provinces Area Manager at the Unashamedly Ethical campaign, where I am privileged enough to live out my calling and passion. I have a teenage son and two beautiful daughters. My other passions are sport shooting and hunting, and I am an avid firearm enthusiast that holds dedicated hunter and dedicated sport shooter status.

Newby from the Northern suburbs - with a lot to learn

Born-again biker. Last rode a long time ago.

Hi There

My name is Ralph Andreas. I am 56 years old and live in Vredehoek Cape Town. Other than owning a 250 cc scrambler for a couple of years about 15 years ago, I am totally new to motorcycle scene. I am looking forward to doing some outrides on weekends and later, possibly venturing out further on tours.

I own a panelshop situated in Bellville.

I am 60 years old and hired a KTM990 (hope I can mention this) in the UK. Travelled with my son (F800GS) and wife in the Cottswold. Bought a R1200GS on Friday.

Morning all,

I'm a retreaded biker feeling my way. Last rode in the '70s (gad) and I'm now taking time to get used to the bike, more traffic and all the torque! Once that's sorted, I'm looking to do some gravel and make new mates.


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I am Ilana Kotze and I pillion with my better half, Carel and I love it.

Hi guys, I'm not only new on here, but also new to biking, so heaps of advice will be needed.



I used to ride many moons ago, mostly commuting on 350 road bike.

Recently took the bold step and bought a GSA 1200 and am keen to do some exploring and off road riding. Very much a novice with lots to learn.

Andre Geldenhuys

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Name is Alwyn, I live in Bellville, use to ride a motorcycle when I was in school, now ten years later I find myself dreaming about the thrill of riding again...

54 year business man wanting to explore our own country on the back of my BMW 1200.  


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