Members who ride a gs 1200

Newby from the Northern suburbs - with a lot to learn

Hi, I am Noel. Super excited after riding a long time ago and reinventing my youth.

father of 2 adult children and wide interest in life.

I live in Northern suburbs. done some trips to Namibia, swartberg,karoo etc.try to ride as often as possible
eric roper. recently retired and now living in Sedgefield W cape. have been riding bikes for 45 years. this is my first BMW

Ride from the age of 16 and is now 60

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keith thomson,manager,tri partitioning,two dogs,two girls,two boys,1 girlfriend.recently completed a trip to mozimbique via botswana and zimbabwe,bug has bitten,plan to do a longer trip xmas.


I am a freelance photographer and lecturer in photography that has decided to get back on a bike after a few years absence. I have always driven smaller engines, lots of offroading and messing about. First time that I have owned a bike  bigger than a 650.  

I am a portrait specialist that work with very old equipment. My topbox will now become the housing for a 1948 Large format camera and all its accouterments. Still figuring out how the hell I am going to fit a nice big sturdy tripod onto the bike.

James Matthee. Retired FD at a company. Born 1955. Live in Malmesbury. Always drove small bikes - currently 2X Yamaha's TW 200's for myself and son (18). Bought GS 1200 - 2006 model March 2013. Wife Carina enjoys pilion riding.
GS1200 - Why did I not buy one a long time ago
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I enjoy my GS1200 and is looking forward to learn a lot from people that know/understand my passion. Regards, Niel Truter
I am Deon van Rooyen , a 49 year old working at Absa Private Bank as a financial advisor.I am happily married with a son 21 and daughter 23.I used to have a KTM 640 but have since grown up and matured to be a proud BMW owner.I just love to ride!
Company director Loves my GS Wife rides a Honda Shadow Cruiser We love biking and has toured as we'll
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Lukas Bekker here. The wife and I both ride, especially as much sand as possible. I have a GS1200 which I have stripped down and replaced all worn internal engine parts. The wife rides a TW200. We both commute as well.
I am 56 years old married with. 3 sons. Have recently moved from Knysna to Cape Town. Have ridden the Cederberg routes a few times, also Baviaans, Swartberg pass, amongst other rides. have ridden for 2 weeks in Europe. My wife only recently started to join me on the odd ride. My sons all love to ride.
Frans Liebenberg


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