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After many years without a bike I have now decided it is time to start riding again. I bought a well looked after 2005 1200GS and is looking forward getting to know my new baby. Married with Engela. Lives in Bellville.
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Dirty adrenaline is my drug of choice... Love exploring this beautiful country of ours - offroad is best.
Hi there, believe it or not, but I am one of the founding members of the BMW Cape Club, together with Brian Hulzer (deceased), Brian Peak (Canada), Woolfie (?), et al. We emigrated to the UK in '95, but will be retiring back 'home' a little later this year. Who knows? Perhaps we can meet up some time.

I am from Canada and over 60 years young. Rode 3 years in my twenty's on a Jawa 250 and graduated to a Honda CB350. Just started to to riding again 2 years ago when my som gave me his 2006 BMW.

Ride with my wife and dont do lots of trail, mostly tar roads.

Love the bike...

Just arrived in Sarajevo and need some help with my Gs

I am Kennith Steyl, known as Kenny. I ride a BMW R1200GS as well as a Suzuki Boulevard 1800. I joined the BMW Cape Town club in March 2016. I am 55 and single. 2 Kids, age 33 and 30, and they live in Pretoria. I live in Durbanville. I ride bike daily 

Hi, Phillip, ek bly in die Weskus. Biker familie:Vrou en 2 tiener seuns. Was 'n ernstige super-biker wat 'n openbaring gekry het na dubbel-doel m/f. Het 'n 650 GS gery, 2 jaar later opgegradeer na 'n 1150GS en vele lekker kilo's daaruit gekry. All weather biker. geniet enige ding wat petrol verbrand.
I'm from Atlanta GA. Riding 2007 BMW R1200GS. I'm 57 have four kids. Love to ride on road- off road.
Mostly a commuter at the moment but want to get away for rides over week-ends with my girlfriend. Divorced with three kids between the two of us. I'm in my mid forties.
My name = Ben (Pretoria). I changed from a "road bike" to my current 1200 GS. NO experience in offroad biking but will get there... -now for the most important something- I LOVE MY BIKE !
Been riding since 2007 and love the Dual Sport tracks. Prefer doing the longer rides overnight than the breakfast runs! Need to do dirt roads on each trip
Pleasure riding only, regular at the TT, few trips planned.....spend far too much time thinking about bikes!!!
Raced TZ yamahas 1973 until 1979, stopped riding, started again in 1999, have run uo about 300,00o since then. R1200GS the best bike I have owned.
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I had a Dakar before the 1200GS and I still miss it sometimes :) I'm based in Pretoria and is a member of the Pretoria Club.
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Hi I am Alex. I am from Germany, living in Switzerland since 7 years. I am a doctor, pediatric surgeon, working for 6 month at Red Cross Children Hospital. Brought my own bike with me here to Cape Town, which is great. I am mainly used to tarmac roads with lots of curves:) but looking forward to ride more dirt-roads. Looking for company driving at weekends throughout the Cape. Alex.


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