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Ek is van Langebaan. Lees gereeld wat op die forum gebeur. Het al van die off road trips gedoen en wil nog off road opleiding doen.


Carel van Wyk

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My names Peter and my GS is called Dusty. I’ve had many bikes over the past 20 years and recently upgraded from a Suzuki VStrom, now a dedicated BMW GS owner and loving it… Located in the Southern suburbs, my partner and I mostly cruise the Western Cape on our own, hence we have decided to join the club to meet like minded people that like to ride as often as possible.

Pretty new at this, bought Kawasaki W800 to get started, less intimidating. Acquired GS800 Adv last year,upgraded to GS1200 yesterday. Happily married, two kids, family in Hermanus, I commute every 2 weeks between Gaborone (where i have been working for 15 years) and Hermanus. Real name Tasha Ferreira
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Like the outdoors, a need for speed and adrenalin...

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Hi I got my first licence 50 years ago -49cc and have been an active biker ever since.Most of my riding was motoX, enduros etc. I have always had a road bike but only taken to touring recently. I still have my Suzuki GS1000 shaft bought in 1984. I have been happily divorced for 24 years and have three lovely daughters. My partner of 10 years refuses to pillion. She says I'm a hooligan and she is right. Cheers. Dennis

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Retired Attorney, know building and selling houses. Moved to Langebaan from Lydenburg during March 2016.Havent been on a motor bike for 20 years when I purchased my GS. Loving it but needs to learn how to ride on gravel. Riding alone as my wife not interested. Her loss!

This is what i love..what i live for

Hi all. I am Kenneth Uren. 50 year old teacher living in Robertson. Married to Michelle, the love of my life. Took up motorcycling 6 years ago. Bought an Africa Twin 750, but was eyeing a GS 1200 since then. A week ago my dream came true when I bought my dream bike. I love the outdoors and going on outrides. 

My Name is Johan. I had a Yamaha R6 before, but it was not that great. Sold it and decided to get a BMW Gs for us to cruise the Western Cape. As my wife cant always go along, riding on my own, not that nice. Decided to join a club. Thank you


My name is Carl Russouw. I have just bought myself a 2005 BMW 1200GS as I decided I wanted to start riding again after a break of about 10 years.

Looking forward to riding with some of you.



Ride 1200GS, 1100R, and a WR250R. Live in Nashville,TN

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I started riding a bike around 5 years ago. First with a small classic bike and since two years on BMW. The last year on my GS 1200 from 2008. I drive around 5-7.000km a year and enjoy every day good weather and even ride daily to my work which is 32km far away from my house. So I have two rides a day within the Black Forest. Can´t be better. I am from Germany and live in a small town called Niedereschach. You may know it because we have the Touratech headquarter here. On their Travel Events every year I help them as a tour guide for foreign bikers.


Anwar Davids.

Live in Kenilworth,Cape Town.

Bought the gs for adventure riding.

Prefer off-road riding.

Completed Sani Pass 14-21 october 2016

Hi,I am called Tommie.I presently live in Polokwane but my family and I are moving to Cape Town in Jan 2016. I mainly keep to the tar roads for breakfast runs or weekend trips. I would like to join the club when I arrive there. Although I have been riding for long, I definitely am not interested in the track or off-road experiences, mainly due to my age. I am 59. Looking forward to meeting you guys. Regards, Tommie
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Willem Conradie, Configuration Manager at CSIR. Blessed with a wife and two sons. Youngest at varsity, second year. Had various motorbikes in my young days. Plan to buy a GS to create new adventures for me and the wife.


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