PRAISE WHERE IT IS DUE: Thank you Bell City Locksmiths KEYS, Durban rd Bellville W Cape

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Today Flying brick referred me to Dixon Batteries in Bellville for a new 12 amp hour battery for my R1200GSA.

They were ever so helpful and because the guys seemd so very clued up about all their products and bikes and had taken the trouble to note all requirements and specs, I venture a long shot and showed them the lock for my Twalcom Riad box.

I lost both keys and asked where I could pruchase such a olck.

They just smiled and referred me to Eugene and Neil at BELL CITY LOCKSMITHS for all KEYS, in Durban road, right close to Leather Forever.

This was on my way back to the office so I popped in.

I could have waited, but opted to return just before 17H00.

 Bell City LocksmithsBell City Locksmiths


Wow wow and Wow again.

these guiys had refurbed the lock with two new keys.

45 rond!!!


I hear they know BMW bikes inside out and they can make new keys, program the keys, fix the locks sand damn near do anything to a BMW bike lock or key.

they are clued up, professional, friendly and they really impressed me.


I found my faith in services here in SA very much restored.

I wish there was a Trip advisor  type platform to vote them up.

Anyone can ride a bike fast....   But can you ride your bike real slow???

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Andy, you can perhaps post a compliment on


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Thanks Andy, yours was a very timely post.

I'd mislaid my spare key - probably in a very safe place which I'll only remember after I sell the bike.  Asking around resulted in either of two responses: "no we can't - talk to the agents" and also "yes we can but we don't have the blank - we'll call you when we've got it" after which I never hear from them.  I'd been told that the "agents" could take months to get a spare.  

Bell City Locksmiths (Their sign outside says "KEYS", but the place name is on the window) is at 188 Durban Road, just down the hill from where Leather-Forever used to be (LF is now in Voortrekker road).  

Their shop was a bit of a mess - they are still moving in; but I was in and out in under half an hour for R950- for a coded spare key.  Not cheap - but faster and cheaper than I could have had through BMW.  Friendly and efficient.    Worth the price for the peace-of-mind of having a spare.  

Eugene: 082 852 3196 and Neil: 072 599 4776.  


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We have been receiving so much valuable information from Andyman I say" Andymany for president" Thanks Andy much appreciated Cool

Think before you ink.

Trust is the most valuable asset.

I have the rest of my life to get old.

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Thanks cheesy,

And Kev, I'm so glad they could help you out.

I think they were just revamping the old shop and making it more mod.

Thank you for correcting the name.

Anyone can ride a bike fast....   But can you ride your bike real slow???

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Andy for president

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My father is a successful locksmith, so I follow his blog to read informative posts and get quick tips for rekeying a locked door much easily.

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Nice Jamie,
Welcome to the forum, and thanks.
What Yamaha you riding?


Anyone can ride a bike fast....   But can you ride your bike real slow???

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