PACKING A BIKE FOR AN OFF TAR ADVENTURE: Wednesday 21st October 2015

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2015/10/21 18:30
2015/10/21 21:00

The next PACKING A BIKE FOR AN OFF TAR ADVENTURE training is scheduled for :-

Date  : Wednesday 21st October.

Venue: Donford Motorrad- Stellenbosch

Time : 18H30 to 21H00

places  : 20 places


Cost    : BMWMCC members    : R100 covers refreshments and certificates

Non club members R150.00.

Booking online :


Payments made to the Club account

  • First National Bank
  • Branch  : Long Street, code 201709
  • Acc No: 50060098602
  • Reference : Name Pack

Who should attend:  anyone who wants to go riding off into the wide open African countryside, whether it be a day trip around the Koue Bokkeveld or  a multi-day adventure to Tanzania.

  • 20 places, First booked - first served. 
  • This course has hand outs
  • Certificates will be given to attendees.

We will cover the various dynamics from :-

  • What to take,
  • what to pack,
  • what the basic methodology is about mass distribution.
  • unbalanced mass = uneven tyre wear = sore lower back, sore neck.
  • We look at the principles of loading the bike and yourself, and the approach to deciding what must go, and how much.
  • Avoid intense frustration due to poor packing principles.
  • Come learn from the team that adventure rides on multiple day and day rides out into the wilds.

Simple is best,

Less is more



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