Off-road Ride to FijnBosch Farme 16 - 17 Nov 2019

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Who is up for an overnight stay on top of the mountain on 16th November?

We will ride on the railway service road to Darling, then on gravel roads to Hopefield and Aurora before the 15km ride up the mountain to Mountain Mist.  The mad woman at Mountain Mist is now gone, and the new owner is a mensch.

We will stay in the cottages at Mountain Mist, chill in the bush pool and have a braai in the evening (bring your own chop 'n dop).  On Sunday we ride back on dirt to Malmesbury where we join the N7 to head home.

Who is in? 


The ride will not suit beginners.  The railway service road to Darling can be challenging for novices, and some of the sandveld dirt roads can be sandy in patches.  The ride up the mountain is a dirt road that sedan cars can manage, but it is a push.  That said, we are not going to over do it, and intermediate riders will easily manage.


Attached is the rate sheet for Mountain Mist.  The chalets are wooden cottages with bedding and facilities, so no need to bring a tent or sleeping bag.

You pay for accommodation at Mountain Mist - bring something for the braai, and pay for meals: breakfast at the Swartland 1-stop, lunch in Hopefield, then breakfast at the Desert Rose on Sunday.


Use this form:

Once we have the numbers we will allocate accommodation (there will probably be some sharing ;-)). 

Registered So Far:

  1. Charles Oertel
  2. Hugh Hendricks
  3. Albie Oosthuizen
  4. Alan Woodcock

Entries close end of Wednesday 13th Nov.  It's going to be a cool adventure.


Mountain Mist Pricing .pdf420.9 KB

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Im In yes

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Tomorrow close of business is the deadline for this trip.  If you want to have some interesting and scenic riding, and an epic weekend getaway, then sign up now.

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Wow, what a lovely ride, and what fine gentlemen to ride with.  The gravel was interesting but not hectic, the company superb, and the food extraordinary.

Committee: Webmaster / Ride Captain

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